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From Merry and Bright to Sneaky Elves, Perry’s Holiday Flavors Return!


Akron, N.Y. – October 23, 2019 –  Are you dreaming of a White Christmas, cuddling up by the fire with a cup of Hot Cocoa, swirled with a photo worthy Peppermint Stick? Or does the looming holiday season make you feel more like scattered Elf Trash?


Perry’s Ice Cream Company, Inc., a Great Lakes regional brand and Upstate New York’s #1 ice cream, knows the holidays can be filled with bliss and stress (sometimes simultaneously).  Perry’s has your full range of holiday moments covered by bringing back their classic holiday seasonal favorites, Peppermint Stick and White Christmas. Elf Trash and Hot Cocoa are also returning for a second season after a widely successful 2018 launch. Demand for Hot Cocoa in 2018 soared and the flavor sold out by Christmas Eve, far ahead of winter’s end in the Great Lakes region.


Perry’s Seasonal Holiday flavor descriptions:

Elf Trash, a mischevious concoction of fudge filled holiday candies, fudge coated pretzels, and fudge coated (see a fudge theme here?) praline peanuts, all swirled in white chocolate ice cream. This holiday mixture is available in pints (so you don’t have to be nice and share).

Hot Cocoa, a winter classic: mini marshmallows float throughout hot chocolate ice cream (pairs well a scoop of peppermint stick).  Available in a 48oz. family size, so everyone can snuggle up by the fire and enjoy!

Peppermint Stick, pink peppermint ice cream with red and green peppermint candies. Available in 48oz. and select Perry’s scoop shops to satisfy your candy cane fix until next year.

White Christmas, a holiday tradition of mint and white chocolate ice cream with red and green mint flakes.  Available in 48 oz. (score brownie points with your in-laws by having enough of this favorite for the extended family).


“Traditions are a connection to our past and a link joining people in the future.” said Gayle Perry Denning, fourth generation family member and vice president of strategic branding. “That’s why its so important for us to bring back favorites like White Christmas and Peppermint Stick year after year, added Perry Denning.  With Elf Trash and Hot Cocoa, we aimed to incorporate innovative flavor trends with whimsical and light-hearted packaging to create relevancy and new traditions with Perry’s.”


Pick up Perry’s limited edition holiday flavors before they are just a twinkle in Santa’s eye.


The flavors are arriving on shelves at a number of local retailers across New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina, including Dash’s Market, Shurfine, Tops Markets and Wegmans Food Markets. Select Perry’s scoop shops will also carry Peppermint Stick.

Perry’s Ice Cream Expands South Into North Carolina

Akron, N.Y. – September 24, 2019 – Perry’s Ice Cream Company, Inc., a Great Lakes regional brand headquartered in Western New York, is expanding into Wegmans new Raleigh, North Carolina location, opening September 29.
A variety of 20 Perry’s family size flavors will be available including classic favorites such as Panda Paws®, All American, and Mint-Ting-A-Ling. Seasonal flavors to follow including: Hot Cocoa, Peppermint Stick and White Christmas.
This expansion follows successful launches into Wegmans Maryland (2018) and Virginia (2017) stores. The 101 year-old-company, which has worked with Wegmans for more than 30 years, holds strongly as the #1 ice cream brand in Upstate New York.

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Perry’s Churns Out New, Healthier Treats

Summer is sort of here, at least it is for a few days.  To help everyone cool down Perry’s Ice Cream has come out with a new, and healthier line of frozen treats.  They have taken their probiotic frozen yogurt and mixed in natural fruit and vegetable juices.  No high fructose corn syrup, fake colors and flavors (that are probably getting everyone sick).  Instead, Perry’s Frozen Yogurt Swirled with Sorbet has vegetable juices like sweet potato, and purple carrot.  Add in live, active cultures for your probiotic dose, the Gluten Free part and you have a healthy snack that might actually taste great!

The fruit and vegetable sorbet-swirled frozen yogurt line comes in four varieties: 1.5 quart-sized Strawberry Tang Twist, 1.5 quart-sized Berry Grape Twist and convenient single-serve six-pack of 80 calorie  Yo Buddie TM Bars in Raspberry Watermelon and Berry Grape.

“Leading with the exploding trend in probiotics, coupled with Perry’s passion for innovation, we’ve created an irresistible line up. These products are accessible for health-minded foodies, parents seeking healthier snack options for their children and traditional frozen yogurt consumers alike,” said Gayle Perry Denning, vice president of strategic branding and corporate sustainability. “Our blends of frozen
yogurt with unique sorbet combinations are great as bars, scooped for cones and bowls, or used as a smoothie base. Products that are truly flexible any time of day for individuals and families.”

(insert a bunch of stuff here that we all already know about Perry’s)

Perry’s Frozen Yogurt Swirled with Sorbet is available in stores now.

Perry’s Ice Cream supports the New York State dairy industry and local economy. Nearly
100 percent of the milk used in Perry’s Ice Cream products comes from farms within 50
miles of its headquarters in Akron, N.Y.

The Newsteader will be taste testing these new products as soon as they come in!  Stay tuned for reviews!  -JAP-