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Rain and Wind Details For Saturday-Sunday

Here is what to expect in the coming hours.  This is going to be a pretty big weather event.  There are alerts posted for flooding, wind and lake shore flooding as well.  Not to mention this thing could turn into an ice storm.

Wind is going to pick up at around 4:00 AM.  Gusts could reach up to 60 MPH.   Be prepared for power outages, downed trees etc.  If you encounter a downed power line, just assume it is LIVE, don’t go near it, and call the power company.  Your shallow rooted trees could also come down due to the ground being saturated and then high winds, so watch where you park your cars!

Here is a cool graphic from the NWS with who and where will be impacted by what.

Main points

Here is how much rain is forecast overnight:

Rain forecast

And Wind.  This storm is going to be no joke, weather will be updated as soon as new reports are avail.  Stay tuned!  -JAP-




American Poultry Farmers Regain Access to China

*Press Release*


U.S. poultry exports expected to top $1 billion annually

Washington, DC – United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue released the following statement on China’s decision to lift its ban on poultry imports from the United States:

“The United States welcomes China’s decision to finally lift its unwarranted ban on U.S. poultry and poultry products.  This is great news for both America’s farmers and China’s consumers,” said Ambassador Lighthizer.  “China is an important export market for America’s poultry farmers, and we estimate they will now be able to export more than $1 billion worth of poultry and poultry products each year to China.  Reopening China to U.S. poultry will create new export opportunities for our poultry farmers and support thousands of workers employed by the U.S. poultry industry.”

Secretary Perdue said, “After being shut out of the market for years, U.S. poultry producers and exporters welcome the reopening of China’s market to their products.  America’s producers are the most productive in the world and it is critical they be able to sell their bounty to consumers in other parts of the globe. We will continue our work to expand market access in important markets like China as well as other countries, to support our producers and U.S. jobs.”

China has banned all U.S. poultry since January 2015 due to an avian influenza outbreak in December 2014, even though the United States has been free of this disease since August 2017.  The United States exported over $500 million worth of poultry products to China in 2013.

The United States is the world’s second largest poultry exporter, with global exports of poultry meat and products of $4.3 billion last year.

Early Voting in Erie County Starts Tomorrow & Sample Ballot

Polling places will be open from Noon to 6:00 PM on Saturdays/Sundays and Noon to 9:00 PM on weekdays. A few other changes:  Any voters in Erie and Niagara Counties can go to ANY polling place in their county to vote during early voting.  This time around voters will “sign in” via iPads instead of the paper books (Is this a good thing?).  The iPads will automatically update all records throughout the County that the person has already voted in real time.  This is supposed to stop people from voting twice. Editors Note: All computers can be hacked.  Is this really a good idea? What if the network goes down with all the shoddy internet service around here and people’s votes don’t get counted?      –JAP-

The list of polling places can be found HERE……..Here is a sample of your Fall Election 2019 Ballot


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