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**BREAKING** WNY Medical Community Needs Your Help

One of the most important points in this statement is about the health system getting overloaded.

For example: Covid has overwhelmed the hospitals, so they now have to send people away. 1.) Your son gets in a bad car wreck and can’t get the care he needs to survive. 2.) Your Mom has a heart attack.. 3.) You have a kidney stone lodged in your ureter. 4.) Your kid is having a reaction to something… The virus may “only kill x% of people”, but it’s the preventable stuff people will end up dying/or just suffering for a long time from if the hospitals are full, and staff is overwhelmed.

These folks are BEGGING us to not mix with other households during the holiday, maybe we should show them how much we appreciate them by our actions. They have been sacrificing for us for months now, don’t you think it’s time we sacrifice for them? -JAP-



New positions will support COVID-19 response

ERIE COUNTY, NY— The Erie County Department of Health is accepting applications for jobs within its Division of Environmental Health and Office of Epidemiology.

There are two part-time and six full-time positions open for investigating public health sanitarians in the Division of Environmental Health. Individuals in these roles inspect permitted facilities, septic/water systems for compliance with sanitary code and other local, state and federal regulations. Sanitarians also conduct inspections for lead hazards.

Within the Office of Epidemiology, there are open positions for contact tracers, assistant supervisors and supervisors. Contact tracers perform thorough case investigations for people diagnosed with COVID-19. They communicate by telephone to notify close contacts of their exposure to COVID-19 and provide information on isolation and quarantine. Preferred qualifications include excellent communication and organizational skills, proficiency with computer use, the ability to maintain confidentiality, and successful completion of the Johns Hopkins Contact Tracing Program.

“Each of these positions is tied in to core functions of our COVID-19 response,” said Commissioner of Health Dr. Gale Burstein. “We are seeking to build our capacity for contact tracing and enforcement of public health and safety regulations related to COVID-19 this fall.”

Interested applicants can visit the ECDOH web site (https://www2.erie.gov/health/index.php?q=ecdoh-employment-opportunities) for details on qualifications and instructions on how to apply. That page also includes other department job openings.

Erie County Department of Health Job Opportunities: https://www2.erie.gov/health/index.php?q=ecdoh-employment-opportunities
Johns Hopkins Contact Tracing Programhttps://coronavirus.jhu.edu/contact-tracing


Slow the spread of COVID-19 in New York State by preventing travel-based transmission of this disease

ERIE COUNTY, NY— Governors in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut announced a travel advisory on June 25, 2020 that requires all individuals traveling from states with significant community transmission of COVID-19 to remain under quarantine for a period of 14 days. As of today, June 30, those states include

Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Arkansas, California,Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, South
Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Utah.

The New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) has established exemptions for essential workers, but in general, people who are returning to Erie County from those listed states are required to remain under precautionary quarantine. Those requirements include:
• Separate quarters with separate bathroom facilities for each individual or family group.
Access to a sink with soap and water, and paper towels is needed.
• The contact must have a way to self-quarantine from household members as soon as fever or other symptoms develop, in a separate room. There must be a door that separates it
from the rest of the living area and has its own bathroom. Given that an exposed individual might become ill while sleeping, the exposed individual must sleep in a separate bedroom from household members.
• Cleaning supplies, e.g. household cleaning wipes, must be provided in any shared bathroom.
• If an individual sharing a bathroom becomes symptomatic, all others sharing the bathroom will be considered exposed persons until the symptomatic individual is appropriately evaluated and cleared.
• Food must be delivered to the individual’s quarters

• Quarters must have a supply of face masks for individuals to put on if they become symptomatic.
• Garbage must be bagged and left outside by the door of each of the quarters for routine pick up. Special handling is not required.
• Individuals should self-monitor for fever and other symptoms of COVID-19 daily throughout the duration of the quarantine period.
Individuals or businesses with questions about this advisory should contact NYSDOH.
“If you are planning a trip, we are urging you to avoid travel to states or regions where there is a high prevalence of COVID-19,” said Commissioner of Health Dr. Gale Burstein. “The number of reported Erie County COVID-19 cases is currently low. We must avoid importing new cases from outside of NYS which can lead to COVID-19 community transmission and new outbreaks in Erie County.” She continued, “We have done so much to reduce the number of cases in our community these past months, and we need to keep at it. Travelers who return from a high-risk state can contact
our COVID-19 Information Line at (716) 858-2929 to report their travel as soon as they return and to schedule a free COVID-19 diagnostic test, 5-7 days past your last day in one of those states.”
To file a report of an individual failing to adhere to the quarantine pursuant to the travel advisory, please call 1-833-789-0470 or use the form on the ECDOH web site
Per New York State, anyone who returns from a high-risk state from non-essential travel will not be eligible to receive paid sick leave benefits for their quarantine period.

Sheriff’s Beat

AKRON FOR THE WEEK OF 09/29/2019 TO 10/05/2019

Police were flagged down on Main St for a disturbance in the area. NO charges were filed.
First Aid responded to Buckwheat Rd.
First Aid responded to Cummings Rd for a female having chest pains.
A burglar alarm was activated on Stage Rd. It was set off in error.
The Dog Control Officer responded to Sylvan Pkwy for a dog fight.
Police responded to Hoag Ave for a report of a disturbance.
First Aid responded to Bloomingdale Ave for a female having an allergic reaction to a bee sting.
Deputies responded to a motor vehicle accident on Indian Falls Rd. No injuries were reported.
A burglar alarm was activated on Carney Rd. It was a false alarm.

Police assisted with a property dispute on Knapp Rd.

First Aid responded to Westgate Ave for a lift assist.
First Aid responded to Lesswing Rd for a lift assist.
Deputies took a fraud complaint on Main Rd.
First Aid responded to Ice Cream Pl.
Deputies responded to Holly St. for a welfare check. All was in order.
Police responded to Lewis Rd. to assist a person.
First Aid responded to Westgate Av. for a male who fell.
First Aid responded to Wesley Dr. for a female with an arm laceration.
Police responded to Main St. for a report of a disturbance. All parties were advised.
First Aid responded to Crescent Dr. for a male with chest pains.
Burglary alarm was activated on Oak St. It was a false alarm.
Fire alarm was activated on Buell St. It was a false alarm.
Police responded to Main Rd. for motor vehicle accident, no injuries were reported.