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Akron, NY— Newstead Town Board candidate Patricia Pope has made it official after receiving the official nomination from the Republican and Independence Parties. She is joined on the ticket by the Hon. Dennis Freeman, someone that has selflessly served the Akron-Newstead community for over 25 years. Judge Freeman has received bipartisan support across the board and will not have an opponent this year.
A vacancy on the Town Board was created when former Town Councilman and local entrepreneur and community activist Jeannine Morlacci resigned from her post earlier this year. The interview process brought the
town many great candidates and left local leaders with some tough decisions to make. The Newstead Republican Committee voted and nominated Patricia Pope to be the Republican candidate for Town Board. She secured the Independence Party nomination shortly thereafter.
Patricia Pope is an assistant public defender for the Orlean’s County Public Defender’s Office and has had a private law practice based out of Akron for the last 14 years that is primarily focused on representing children in
Family Court proceedings and parents in adoption proceedings. Patty is also an advocacy volunteer and support group facilitator for the Alzheimers Association and an ombudsman in the NYS Long Term Care Facility Program. Last year she received the 2019 Volunteer of the Year Award.
“I am looking to use my skill set to serve the community and I believe that a position on the Town Board would be a perfect opportunity,” said Pope. “My experience advocating for children, the elderly, and underprivileged
has provided me with strong communication skills and the ability to work out agreements under the most challenging of circumstances. Most importantly, I am passionate about helping people and am enthusiastic about the opportunity to serve the community.”

Find out more by visiting Patty’s Facebook page @ Patricia Pope for Newstead Town Board

Burg nominated for Newstead Town Board

For Immediate Release
Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Adam Burg

The Erie County Democratic Executive Committee has nominated Newstead Zoning Board of Appeals member Adam Burg for Newstead Town Board in this November’s general election.

Burg, who has served on the Zoning Board for 10 years, is a life-long Newstead resident, vice president of the town’s historical society, and former president of the Akron Lion’s Club. His grandfather, Douglas Burg, served as council member from 1962 to 1981 and town supervisor from 1981 to 1983.
“This is a great honor and another chance to give back to a town that has given so much to my family and me,” Burg said. “On the zoning board I’ve had the opportunity to shape Newstead’s future, and this takes that opportunity to the next level. I’m grateful to the executive committee for its support, and to ECDC Chair Jeremy Zellner and Newstead Chair Justin Rooney for their great encouragement.”
“I grew up with Adam, and I know his roots in Newstead are as deep as his committment to its success,” town committee Chair Rooney said. “He’s demonstrated his devotion to public service on the zoning board, and he’ll continue a true family tradition when he joins the town council in January.”
“Adam is the ideal candidate – someone who knows his community and understands the needs and challenges of its people and taxpayers,” ECDC Chair Zellner said. “Our committee’s goal is to provide the very best leadership at every level of government in Erie County, and we have that in Adam Burg.”
Burg and his wife, Heather, have a two-year-old daughter, Blair. He is a licensed insurance agent with the Fred E. Thomas Agency and a real estate salesperson with Hunt Real Estate.

Regarding Lack of Local Candidates

Lack of candidates once again provides disappointment for democracy in our Town. Election 2019 in the Town of Newstead has two Council seats up for vote. As usual, we’re offered very few choices. The last time I spoke of this was earlier in the year on the FaceBook page, “You Know You’re from Akron When”. Of course, when I brought up how disappointing it was that two incumbent Village Trustees, Michael Middaugh and Brian Perry, were running un-apposed, I was immediately kicked of the site. My post wasn’t mean, in fact it gave all do respect to the incumbents, but just raised the fact that democracy doesn’t work so well when people run un-opposed. I’ve recently been made aware of the two Democrats running for the Council seats in the fast approaching 2019 election. To say I’m disappointed is an understatement. One I’ve known for years, and have always had a good relationship with, but really, as a Councilman, I just don’t see it! As much as the Democratic Committee is not wholly to blame, there is the fact that people just don’t want to run. It’s pretty much the attitude of let someone else do the work. In fact, when I ran for Councilman in 2017, I heard many times “better you than me”. This is the kind of attitude that doesn’t help our country. As for our local Democratic committee, I feel it needs a spark to get people interested in actually going to the meetings AND participating in the process. As a person, I like Justin Rooney, but as the Newstead Democratic Committee chairman, I think his time has come.  We need renewed energy for people to be interested. And again, this would not only help the Democratic party, but the entire election process, because limited choices is just not good for democracy in general.

Regardless of the choices though, you do have them. Make the most of asking either the incumbents, or the council-elect participants just what can they do for our community. Too many times they just skate by with no real accountability to our concerns! We should be asking them how they plan on improving our quality of life, like having better and more affordable internet service, or cellular service. The idea of driving down Theodore Road in Golden Pond Estates, and having my calls drop, every time, is unacceptable in this day and age.  And what can we do about renewable energy? Some neighboring towns, such as Amherst, have launched “solarize campaigns”. Back in 2017, Amherst officials launched such a campaign to provide residents and businesses with more affordable solar energy and solar panels.  We should also be asking how they plan on supporting our local fire companies, as the Village and Town are chief funding sources for both departments. And then there’s the question of recreation facilities. I seemed to remember hearing over the years about a dog park, and even a splash park. What happened to these ideas?

The point being, ask questions…make your current elected officials, or those running for office accountable!

-Peter Henley-

Editor’s Note: A List of candidates has been received and will be published shorty -JAP-