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**UPDATED 5/18/2020** Helpful links for: NY Forward Guide to reopening, FDA Drug Shortages, Community Job Openings, Erie Grown Farm Locator, Latest From The WHO

The Newsteader™ features the syndicated feed from the CDC.  Just scroll all the way down the page.  It updates in real time when the CDC updates.

Erie County “Hot Map”

NYForward Guide to Reopening

   *****NEW 5/4/2020****

 List of  Current Community Job Openings

Erie Grown

Erie County farm locator tool!  Get your meat and produce from your local farmers.  Plus much MUCH more!


The WHO sent a team to China to learn more about the virus.  Here is a link to the  Report of the WHO-China Joint Mission on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Link to YouTube Vid of Dr. Bruce Aylward presser after returning from WHO-China Joint Mission on virus from February 25.

***NEW 5/18/2020***

The WHO Daily Situation Report for 5/18/2020

WHO information network for epidemics

Random video of a study on how long respiratory droplets hang around in the air

Daily Job Cuts Link

Daily Job Cuts

FDA List of Drug Shortages

Link to the FDA site with list of current drug shortages and discontinued.<<<<Click Here





Part 2: COVID19 Who Gets Sick? How Contagious Is It? What The Heck is R0? And More


R Naught (R0) – R0 is a reproduction number.  It tells how many people one sick person will infect.  For example Measles has an R0 of 12-18 it is airborne.  Smallpox has an R0 between 5-7 it is airborne droplet.

R0 can change depending on things like: How many people are packed into a space, like a subway car or a cruise ship is going to have a higher R0 than say a grocery store on a Monday. Continue reading “Part 2: COVID19 Who Gets Sick? How Contagious Is It? What The Heck is R0? And More”

***US Government Declares Public Health Emergency*** Links to Official Information***

The World Health Organization declared A Declaration of Public Health Emergency of International Concern or DPHEIC yesterday, and the US Government has now declared a Public Health Emergency.   A nasty virus has emerged that we know nothing about, and there is no vaccine.  Since the last writing, human to human transmission in the USA, and the first transmission from a patient to a health care worker outside of China occurred in France.  195 evacuees from Wuhan are now quarantined for 14 days at an air force base in California, one person tried to take off from there yesterday and was put back in quarantine for the rest of the time.  They are all being watched closely. In China, something like 58, 000,000 (fifty-eight million) people are basically quarantined.  Movement is greatly restricted in China; many airlines have stopped service there at this time.  Almost 12,000 cases in 24 countries confirmed worldwide so far, and 259 dead.

Here is a list of links to public information so you all can educate yourselves about this.  The CDC folks stress in today’s presser how important it is to get everyone educated about this new threat.  Because of that, The Newsteader will post a list of links to all of the official public information so you can read it at your leisure. There are some pretty scary things in them, for example:

At today’s CDC briefing Dr. Nancy Messonnier  said “Please remember that we do not believe that a negative result on this test means that somebody is out of danger for developing this disease, nor for communicating it to someone else.”

Transcript of today’s CDC Briefing

Statement from the World Health Organization regarding DPHEIC

White House Briefing Video<——-This talks about new restrictions on entering the country, quarantine and more.

Letter from a bunch of Doctors in Germany to the New England Journal of Medicine regarding asymptomatic  transfer of virus

It Isn’t Just About How Many People Die

Here are just a few ways this could affect you:

First: Right now, the regular seasonal flu is making its rounds, and hospitals are already jammed with patients.  Is there a plan in case hospitals get overwhelmed?  Will there be a quarantine station close by?

Second:  Even if no one around here gets sick.  Pretty much everything is made in China now.  Your electronics, car parts, medicine.  With most factories shut down over there, our supply line gets shut down on a lot of goods.  Make sure you get your prescriptions filled in case there is a shortage (remind your friends of this).  A personal story about how something someplace else can affect you here:  Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast.  That was a very bad storm and caused a lot of damage.  Well, a few weeks after the storm, I couldn’t get my dog’s super special food!  The distribution center was in NJ and got destroyed in the storm and the supply ran out.  Lesson learned.  Something that happens far away has a ripple effect.  If there is something you rely on that is made in China, now would be a good time to stock up on it.

Third:  Whogetsit