Police Beat



12/17 – A disturbance was reported on Hake Road, it was a misunderstanding.

  A suspicious vehicle was reported on StoneridgeLane, it was gone when patrol arrived. The area was checked with negative results.

  Patrol assisted a resident who was receiving unwanted text messages, they were advised.

  A domestic dispute was investigated on Front Street, no charges were filed at this time.

  A disturbance was reported on Crittenden Road, all parties were separated and advised.

  Patrol assisted a disabled resident on Brooklyn Street.

  Patrol responded to a first-aid call on Main Street.

12/18 – Patrol assisted a citizen with property retrieval on Cummings Road.

  A property damage accident was reported at Buell Street and Main Road, two vehicles were involved.

12/20 – Erratic operation was reported on Cedar Street, the vehicle was stopped and everything checked okay.

12/21 – Patrol responded to a first-aid call on Westgate Avenue.

12/22 – Patrol assisted a stranded traveler on Buell Street.

  A suspicious vehicle was reported in Akron Falls Park, everything checked okay and the driver was advised.

  Patrol checked on the welfare of a Knapp Road resident, everything was in order.

  Patrol responded to the fire hall for a subject suffering from an accidentally self-inflicted gunshot wound. He was transported to the hospital.

  A suspicious vehicle was reported on Brooklyn Street, everything checked okay.

12/23 – A fire alarm was reported on John Street, it was caused by frying bacon.








12/10 – Patrol assisted a motorist on John Street, a child was locked in a vehicle. The car was opened and the child was safe.

12/11 – A loose dog was reported on Bloomingdale Road, the dog control officer was notified.

  Illegal parking was reported on Bloomingdale Road, one vehicle was tagged for blocking a fire lane.

12/12 – A car/deer accident was reported on Knapp Road.

12/13 – Patrol responded to an odor of gas on East Avenue, national fuel was notified.

12/14 – Patrol checked the welfare of a Wesley Drive resident, everything was alright.

  A suspicious incident was investigated on Buell Street, it was referred to another agency.

  Patrol responded to a First-Aid call at a Buell Street business.

12/15 – A Gasport woman was charged with driving while her license was suspended, when she was stopped on Hake Road. She was released on appearance tickets.

  A 911 hang up call was investigated on Wesley Drive, it was accidental by a child.

  Found property was reported on Main Street, a purse was turned over to patrol.

  Patrol responded to a First-Aid call on Morgan Street.