Akron Budget and School Board Results

Budget Vote & Election Results 2019-2020 (2)

CORRECTION:   Terms of newly elected Board Members Deborah Forrestel, Heather Cayea and Jody Brege are 3 years.  July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2022   -JAP-

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Concert Announcement GenXers Take Note

Pull out your parachute pants, leg warmers and AquaNet because it’s a Generation X-travaganza!  August 13, 2019 Artpark in Lewiston welcomes Rick Springfield, Loverboy AND Tommy Tutone.   Tickets on sale Friday at 10 AM.  $17 general admission, $37 for standing room only or reserved seats.  Editor’s Note:  When guys ask for my number, 867-5309 is what they get 🙂 -JAP-

The Newsteader is now an Official Skywarn Weather Spotter for Akron!

Earlier this month I took a training class to become an official “weather spotter” for the National Weather Service!


It was a 2 hour class about everything weather.  My new duties will kick in mostly in Winter, but in Summer as well when severe weather is forecasted.

The weather is different in my yard than it is just a block away.  Fascinating!

Anyway, the next thing to go up will be a new weather station, right here by my “office”, and I’ll have VERY accurate weather reports for you in the future!  -JAP-




What’s Happening Today


SUNNY!  High of 63 and a little breezy.  Mostly clear at night with a low of 43 degrees.


Toddler Time 10:30 am

Therapy Dog Visit:  3:00 PM


Vote for Budget and Board of Education Noon-9:00 P<


Silver Sneakers Strength and Range 9:00 AM


School Budget Vote TUESDAY

Elections are important.  Voting is important.  Too many people say “My vote doesn’t count” and/or “I don’t follow politics”. They may have a point in national politics, but locally is a whole different animal.

YOU, yes YOU and your friends too.  Your votes COUNT!  Especially when only a fraction of the town bothers to show up.

Tomorrow, we vote on the school budget, a few resolutions and Board of Education Members.  There are 5 people running to fill 3 seats.  YOUR vote matters.

Here are scans of the meat and potatoes part of the mailer from Akron Schools regarding the vote tomorrow.  Polls are open 12 Noon til 9:00 PM at Akron High School Gym #3