Advertising On The Newsteader

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Advertising on The Newsteader

  • Is very affordable. There is a plan to fit any budget
  • Is great for name recognition
  • Will help you migrate your ads from print to digital format
  • All ads link to your web presence

The Newsteader has several different advertising packages to choose from that won’t kill your budget.

PAGE SPONSORSHIP ADS:  A sponsorship ad shows up on the main site as a post, well as on Facebook as a “Sponsored Post”.  This is a large display ad that can have some text as well telling folks about your business or product.  It runs ONE time and will scroll down in the feed as more things get posted.  Cost of Page Sponsorship Ads:  $40 per post (that includes the .com AND FB).  

SPONSOR A WEEKLY POST SUCH AS THE POLICE BEAT OR THE TOWN AGENDA:  A 325px by 325px square ad that will appear at the TOP of the post, for example, the Police Beat.  It will state “This week’s Police Beat is brought to you by” with your ad, and the Police Beat will follow.  You can sponsor any weekly post for $25 a week with NO CONTRACT. 

SPONSOR A FEATURE ARTICLE:  Feature Articles stay up at the top of The Newsteader for quite some time.  Your ad would appear as it would on a weekly post, but has more longevity as Features can sit on top of the page for a few weeks time (or more).  The “Upcoming Concerts” stays up the longest as The Newsteader has a great concert calendar that stays up most of the time. Feature article sponsorship $60 a month NO CONTRACT

SIDEBAR ADS: Sidebar ads show up….On the side bar of the page.  They are static.  In other words, if someone is reading the Town Council Minutes or The Police Beat, or anything else, your ad will be there.  There are 2 sizes 150px by 300 px and 300px by 300px.  A small side bar ad $25 a week or $80 a month, large side bar ads $150 a month NO CONTRACT

CLASSIFIEDS ADVERTISING: COMING SOON to  Ads will be as low as $5 

You can provide your own ad, however it must meet The Newsteaders standard:  

  • Ads must be in .jpg format
  • They must be sized properly
  • They must be visually pleasing.  No graphics over lettering, blurry words etc

Pictures of flyers, business cards and the like will not be accepted.  Ads that are not formatted properly will not be accepted.  I realize that many businesses are migrating over from some form of print.  A file of a Flyer is not going to translate over to the web site and need to be redone.  The Newsteader will work WITH you for a small art fee to get your ad exactly the way you want it.  Also, for organizations that have annual events that you need to advertise, The Newsteader will be happy to work with you to make templets for your yearly events, so you only have to pay for art fees ONE TIME.

The Newsteader does not share everything for everyone on Facebook. If you are holding an event or selling a product, please check out our advertising rates above.

The Newsteader takes: Cash, Checks and Paypal at the moment.  More payment options will become avail shortly.  Ads must be paid in advance or they will not be run (this is from being burned a few times).

Lastly, PLEASE don’t send me something at 10PM the night before some event that has been planned for months.  The Newsteader is a LOT of work (self inflicted).  Everyone is invited to purchase advertising, however you need to get your info to me at LEAST a week before you want to run it.  No more last minute postings, please plan ahead.  


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