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Newstead Town Board Agenda December 9, 2019

6:15 p.m. Work Session
6:55 p.m. Public Hearing – Local Law # 4 – Rescinding the Tax Cap – Local law # 3
1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Pledge to the Flag
4. Approval of Minutes for Regular Meeting – 11/25/19
5. Agenda Changes
6. Communications – Work Session –
7. Agenda item questions * See Note
8. Approval of Bills – Budget Transfers
9. Committee and Department Head Reports Continue reading “Newstead Town Board Agenda December 9, 2019”


Newstead Town Board Minutes Nov 25

               Newstead Town Board Meeting- November 25, 2019

The Board entered executive session at 6:49pm to discuss contractual issues and personnel issues ona motion from Councilman Jendrowski, seconded by Councilman Dugan. Carried
The Board exited executive session on a motion by Councilman Burke, seconded by Councilman Dugan at 7:08pm, having taken no action. Carried

A regular meeting was called to order by the Newstead Town Board on Monday, November 25, 2019 at 7:09pm at the Newstead Town Hall.
Present: David Cummings- Supervisor
John Jendrowski- Councilman
Edmund Burke- Councilman
Joseph Dugan- Councilman
Brendan Neill- Town Attorney
Emily Janicz- Assistant Town Attorney
Scott Rybarczyk- Town Engineer
Dawn Izydorczak- Town Clerk
Roll Call was taken with all board members present with the exception of Councilwoman Morlacci who had a work issue.
Councilman Jendrowski led the pledge to the flag.
Minutes from the regular meeting held on November 12, 2019 were presented for approval. A motion was made by Councilman Dugan, seconded by Councilman Jendrowski to approve as presented. Carried Continue reading “Newstead Town Board Minutes Nov 25”