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Mail Scam Going Around!

They will really stop at nothing!   If you get something that looks like this in the mail, throw it in the circular file.  People around WNY are reporting receiving this in the mail.  When you call the number, they ask for the ID # on the notice.  After confirming your name and address they tell you that your water is unsafe and that they want to set up a time for “someone to come by and test their water”.  THIS IS A SCAM!!!  Please let your neighbors/elderly parent/friends know.    THROW IT AWAY.   -JAP


Akron Newstead Rotary News


Akron Newstead Rotary President Ron Konieczny (l) presents a check for $1500 to Rotary District 7090 Governor Bob Artis for the International Rotary Foundation ‘s continuing fight against polio worldwide. Through Rotary’s work over many decades only a few countries remain that aren’t polio free however the fight continues to eliminate this terrible disease altogether.

**SCAM ALERT** Targeting Seniors, of course


Date:  /13/19


Erie County’s Real Property Tax Services Office is issuing a warning following alleged telephone scam efforts that are targeting senior citizens who own property in the county.

According to county employees who have been in contact with residents who have received the phone calls, the scammers are calling local seniors claiming to be employees of Erie County in an attempt to obtain personal financial information.

All property owners are reminded to never give out any personal information over the phone regarding their STAR exemption. Erie County is not involved in the administration of the STAR exemption.

Anyone who receives one of these suspicious calls is asked to simply hang up.

For more information:

Visit the Real Property Tax Services online at

This is a *Press Release from Erie County Officials*

I Heard it Through The Grapevine-Gossip

People tell me everything now so here is some cool stuff:

The Akron Business District is a changing 


At the corner of Rt 5 and 93, you have noticed all those trees being cleared.  They are being cleared for a 23,000 sf fresh produce/grocery store with an on site butcher!  They are slated to be open by 2021.  The Newsteader™ will be following this!

New Promotional products place moving into the old Mary’s

Yogi’s is moving to the old Akron House

Missy’s BBQ place is going to be here (waiting on more info about that)

and a little birdie told me a super delicious BAKE SHOP is also in the works!

Our Main Street is changing, our town is changing.  It’s all so exciting and terrific!