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I Heard it Through The Grapevine-Gossip

People tell me everything now so here is some cool stuff:

The Akron Business District is a changing 


At the corner of Rt 5 and 93, you have noticed all those trees being cleared.  They are being cleared for a 23,000 sf fresh produce/grocery store with an on site butcher!  They are slated to be open by 2021.  The Newsteader™ will be following this!

New Promotional products place moving into the old Mary’s

Yogi’s is moving to the old Akron House

Missy’s BBQ place is going to be here (waiting on more info about that)

and a little birdie told me a super delicious BAKE SHOP is also in the works!

Our Main Street is changing, our town is changing.  It’s all so exciting and terrific!




*Announcing The Newsteader™ Awards First Annual Halloween Decor Contest*

Here’s the Info:

FOUR Trophies Will Be Presented For:

Best Halloween House Newstead

Best Halloween House Akron

Best Halloween Main Street Storefront


*No “participation trophies” will be given.

To Enter:

  • Decorate your house and/or business
  • Send your address (or you can nominate a house) to by October 20th to be considered

You will be judged on:

  • Originality/Creativity
  • Creep Factor

**Entrants MUST be within town/village limits of Akron/Newstead to enter.  There is NO ENTRY FEE**

Have Any of YOU Been a Victim or Know a Victim of This Intersection?

Here is a list of accidents compiled from FOIL requests to multiple agencies.  Some of them only have records going back to 2006, some don’t keep records and others said that because of HIPPA laws, they couldn’t give me info.  I didn’t ask for names, just accident calls. I am sure there are even MORE incidents here as well as the agencies that got back to me had COMPLETELY different lists.  If YOUR accident isn’t listed, please let me know.

The Accidents





































My accident is highlighted in RED.  I came out of mine with a traumatic brain injury that changed my life forever.  What I am looking for now is victim impact statements.  I would like to compile a stack of letters to get the attention of  anyone and everyone that has something to do with getting proper signage/lights/paint/insert your idea here to make this intersection safer before someone gets killed (if someone has been killed there, I have no knowledge).  

Residents who live on that corner are also encouraged to write a statement about how much carnage they have witnessed throughout the years.

It’s going to take a stack of letters about how the accident impacted the victims and their families.

  • How extensive were your injuries?
  • Who hit you?
  • Did you end up with lasting PTSD
  • How long did it take to recover
  • How much damage to your vehicle
  • How did this affect your family

I’m going to just assume that anyone that had an accident there was hit by someone running the stop sign.  If it was something else, please put it in your statement.

Please send your impact statement to me here:

Together maybe we can get this issue resolved, and make this horrible spot safer for everyone!  Many voices have much more power than just one.  Let’s turn up the heat!  —    -JAP-

A Statewide Advisory Has Been Issued Regarding Vaping-Associated Pulmonary Illness

A statewide health advisory has been issued by the NYS Department of Health for health care providers.  Many reported cases of pulmonary disease related to vaping and vaping products have been recorded across our state and other states as well.  This includes tobacco and cannabis vaping products.

“While many people consider vaping to be a less dangerous alternative to smoking cigarettes, it is not risk free,” said Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker. “These latest reports of pulmonary disease in people using vaping products in New York and other states are proof that more study is needed on the long-term health effects of these products.”

The Department of Health is advising anyone who is using a vaping product and is having respiratory symptoms should consult their medical provider.

The following is the advisory posted for health care providers:

TO: Healthcare Providers, Hospitals, Off-Campus Emergency Departments, Substance
Use Disorder/Mental Health Agencies, College and University Health Clinics, and
Local Health Departments
FROM: New York State Department of Health

Unexplained Vaping-associated Pulmonary Illness
For healthcare facilities/hospitals, please distribute to the Emergency Department,
Director of Nursing, Medical Director, Director of Psychiatry, Director of Pharmacy,
and Laboratory Service.
This advisory is to inform you of an emerging health threat of severe pulmonary disease
associated with the use of vape products. This message includes information on case
presentation and steps to take if you suspect lung disease in patients reporting use of vape products.
Current Situation
Cases of severe pulmonary disease have been reported in New York State (NYS) among
patients who reported recent use of vape products. As of the date of this alert, 10 cases have been reported from various areas of NYS, including the Capital District, downstate, and western region. Patients have ranged in age from 18-49 years old. Detailed information about the reported vape products used is still being investigated, including the name and type of products as well as where they were obtained and the method of delivery and use. However, many cases have reported the use of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)-containing vape products, as well as other vaping products, in the weeks to months prior to presentation. Similar cases of severe pulmonary disease associated with vape product use have been reported in several other states, and NYS is working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as part of the epidemiological and laboratory investigation. While no deaths have been reported to date, some patients have had progressive respiratory compromise requiring endotracheal intubation.

Clinical Presentation and Findings:
Cases have reported various symptoms upon presentation, including:
 Headache
 Fatigue
 Nausea
 Cough
 Pleuritic chest pain
 Shortness of breath
 Fever
 Diarrhea
 Anorexia
 Weight loss

Symptom onset has ranged from days to weeks prior to presentation, and all cases have
consistently reported regular use of various vape products. At this time, all reported NYS
cases have required hospitalization, however patients may present with less severe symptoms in outpatient and emergency department settings.

Chest radiographs have demonstrated bilateral opacities, typically in the lower lobes.
Computed tomography (CT) imaging of the chest has shown diffuse bilateral ground-glass
opacities, often with subpleural sparing. Bronchoscopy findings have been unremarkable, and evaluation for infectious etiologies have been negative in nearly all patients.
At this time there is no specific treatment for patients presenting with symptoms and findings consistent with vaping-associated pulmonary disease and in which other likely causes of illness have been ruled out. Treatment is supportive. Some patients have had progressive respiratory compromise requiring supportive care including endotracheal intubation and systemic steroids. Other cases have self-resolved with close clinical monitoring and minimal supportive care over several days.
Case Reporting and Coordination:
Providers should remain alert for potential cases among patients who present with progressive respiratory symptoms, especially in those without a history of respiratory illness. If patients with these symptoms present for care, providers should ensure a thorough substance use history is obtained, including attention to inhalation drug use, particularly vape products.

All cases of suspected severe lung disease potentially associated with vape products should be reported to both the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) and the Poison Control Centers (PCC) in New York State. Providers should determine the name(s) of recently used vape products and whether the actual product(s) used remain available for testing.

NYSDOH and PCC staff can assist in determining the need for product testing and provide
instructions on where to send samples to assist in the investigation of potential etiologies.
New York State Department of Health, Duty Officer: 1-866-881-2809
Poison Control contacts:
New York Regional Poison Control Centers: 1-800-222-1222
New York City:


Toxic Algae Blooms and Your Dog

There have been more than a few articles lately about people taking their dogs for a swim in a pond or lake, and the dog later dying!!  Apparently, it is happening from exposure to certain toxic algae that thrive in Summer.
As per usual I wrote to Dr. Corrie from Akron Animal Hospital to get some more info on how to keep your pets safe.
Blue-green algae is very common in this area as the summer progresses and the water temperature increases. Dog can be exposed by drinking, swimming or wading in contaminated water. They ingest it by licking what is on their coat as well. The blue green algae contains microcystin, a liver toxin produced by a cyanobacteria. According to the EPA 1 in 3 lakes harbors hazardous levels of cyanobacteria. Widespread use of fertilizers spark the harmful algal blooms. Treatment by washing the algae off and Cholestyramine may help an affected dog. 
Condensed from The Scientist “Dogs Worst Friend” by Nsikan Akpan 5/1/14
Dr. Corrie
Akron Animal Hospital