Digital Advertising With The Newsteader

What is “digital advertising”?


Digital Advertising is using online media to advertise your business or product

What ways are digital advertising superior than print and/or other media?

Advertising digitally can reach far more people, and we can specifically target your demographic. It is also much more affordable than print.  Print ads have their place, however, after someone is done reading them, they end up in one of many different places:


  • In the recycle bin
  • In the trash
  • In the fireplace
  • Lining the bird cage
  • Used for puppy potty training


With an internet ad, your ad will be seen again and again for as long as you want, by the people you want, at a price you can afford.


Why is digital advertising important for your business?


The world has become wired into the internet.  Print newspapers and circulars are in a death spiral.  People want their information NOW, and they want it on their smart phone.  Millennials don’t even read print papers.  If you don’t do some online advertising, you won’t reach customers that have given up on newspapers altogether or have never picked up a paper in the first place.


How can digital advertising help YOUR business?


  • Customized Targeted Advertising
  • Flexible pricing (as low as $5) to fit any budget
  • Name Recognition


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