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The Town Board wants YOUR input on the proposed “opt out” of Cannabis Business for the Town known as “Local Law No 12”

(NEWSTEAD) Newstead Town Board is looking for public input regarding Local Law No 2. Local Law No 2, if passed, is an opt out of the recent legislation making cannabis legal in New York State. You can read the proposed law HERE. In other words, no one would be able to open any type of cannabis dispensary, bake shop, etc here.

The hearing is open to the public this Monday, November 8th at 7:25 at Newstead Town Hall regarding this issue. I sent a letter to Mr. Supervisor asking if the Board would hold the hearing via Zoom so that people that are either quarantined at home, or just don’t want to be in a crowd indoors right now could participate. Covid numbers are going up right now. Mr. Supervisor sent me the following response:


Thank you for your comments. Residents can send mail or email comments to the town to be entered into the minutes of the public hearing before the public hearing if they do not wish to attend the meeting. We will not be zooming the public hearing.

 They can send them to my email address and I’ll make sure they are entered into the minutes of the public hearing.

dave@townofnewstead.com <———-Send your emails HERE


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  1. Does the town really want its citizens opinions? I don’t know…when there is technology (like Zoom or live streaming etc.) that can be used to involve a huge portion of its citizens that have thus far not had a voice in town matters and it is purposely not used (despite multiple requests to do so) we have to question why that is.
    Sending in letters and emails is just not enough anymore. It only solves a small part of the problem, the important part of these meetings is discussing the town issues, getting more information, making an informed decision etc. That entire part is left out for a large portion of the community. One would think the town government would want to reach more people, inform more people and listen to more people so why aren’t they? Perhaps using technology to involve more citizens needs to be voted on at one of these public meetings?