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Major Accident Cedar and Carney

(NEWSTEAD)- NYS Troopers and Newstead Fire were at the scene of a major 2 car accident at the intersection of Cedar and Carney Rd. A white pickup truck with a 4 wheeler on the back was traveling North on Cedar St. and was struck by an SUV traveling Westbound on Carney Rd. The vehicle traveling West failed to yield at the stop sign and struck the pickup, which flipped and ended up upside down in a ditch on the Northwest corner. Airbags were deployed. One driver complained of neck pain, but declined medical attention.

Once again, HOW MANY ACCIDENTS IS IT GOING TO TAKE TO FIX THIS INTERSECTION? How many times are the folks that live at this house supposed to replace their mailbox? Are they just going to wait until we have to bury someone? -JAP-

Ellie the dog was on hand making sure everyone was OK!

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  1. They need a 4 way traffic light at Cedar and Carney not Stop Signs the County is just too Stupid I had a friend that had the same kind of accident right there when he was 17 years old

  2. There is a slight dip in the road on Cedar Street that you don’t see the cars coming until it is too late

  3. I was just at that corner right before the accident and was thinking it was dangerous!😔