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Core Values are the Focus of Newstead’s Summer Recreation Program

AKRON– The role of the staff of the Town of Newstead Recreation Program is to teach and guide by the core values; Commitment, Fairness, Honesty, Passion, Respect, Resourceful ,and Service. Each week of Summer Rec. one core value of the department will be emphasized. This week the recreation staff and rec goers focused on the core value of Commitment. With the meaning of commitment being a promise or pledge to do something positive on a regular basis. The recreation goers participated in an activity of describing or drawing four things the participants are committed to in their lives. We also participated in many arts and crafts activities during this first week of Summer Rec. Monday we made playdough from scratch. Tuesday we did water painting. Wednesday we created scratch art. Thursday the rec goers created grass pets. And the final activity for week one in arts and crafts was to create and decorate popsicle American flags for the Independence Day Parade. During week one in Sports the Rec goers learned the basics of Soccer. The kids enjoyed water activities on the hot days this week, with the favorite being the slip n slide. The Rec goers also enjoyed a variety of backyard games and playing in the new Ga Ga Ball pit on site. The field trip this week is participating in the Fourth of July Parade.

For week two of Summer Rec the sport of the week is Baseball/Softball. The planned field trip is a walk to Akron Falls Park to have a day of fun in a new area!

Dakota Langnefeldt is a junior at Akron High School. He plays quarterback, wide receiver and cornerback for Akron Varsity Football, and is aspiring to be a soldier in the US Army, and a firefighter when he graduates.