Feature Stories

Akron and Newstead Fire Companies Prevent a House Fire

AKRON, NY-Today at approximately 9:30 in the morning, a 911 call was placed for a fire in the basement of a residential home in between Scotland Rd. and the Village district line. I arrived pre arrival to the fire department and visually saw light smoke showing from the structure. Newstead’s Fire Chief arrived shortly after confirming smoke showing. Akron Fire Co’s Engine 4 arrived fast using a water can to extinguish the fire. The fire started from a sofa cushion being too close to a boiler pilot light. Without the speed from both Akron and Newstead Fire Companies to arrive and down the fire, the flames could have done damage. There was no damage to the structure. Both Fire Companies would like to express the importance of not having flammable items near an open flame. Having flammable items near an open flame is the second leading cause of house fires. These cause 16% of all house fires according to the National Fire Protection Association.

Dakota Langnefeldt is a junior at Akron High School. He plays quarterback, wide receiver and cornerback for Akron Varsity Football, and is aspiring to be a soldier in the US Army, and a firefighter when he graduates.