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Gypsy Moth Mitigation Experiment With Julie

Gypsy Moths are GROSS, and they are EVERYWHERE right now happily eating the foliage off of our trees! I have tried a few things to rid my yard of them and have found one that seems to work.

A few things first:

While applying, WEAR A WIDE BRIM HAT!! The gypsy moth caterpillars come down on threads like spiders, and will land on you! UGH!!! They also have little barbs on them that will give you a heck of an itchy rash.

If you use this stuff, and have pets, make sure you apply it high enough so your dog (or whoever) won’t pass by it. It is REALLY sticky and would not be fun to get off of Fido!

I am not being paid by the company of this product, it’s just something I came across in my research and decided to experiment with it.