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Another Report of Vandalism in the Village

At approximately 9:00PM Monday, Akron Fire Co. responded to a brush fire on Brooklyn St. The fire was contained to a small cove on top of a hill. Akron Fire Co. was quick to respond. The firefighters used water cans and a hose to extinguish the fire. A Deputy Sheriff called in the fire and said the fire looked to have started from shredded paper. He described the burn location saying “The kids set the fire with the shredded paper and threw the paper around on the ground and on a picnic bench”. The Deputy also stated that this is not the first incident involving kids, and fires being set by them in the park. No property was damaged.

 Dakota Langnefeldt is a junior at Akron High School. He plays quarterback, wide receiver and cornerback for Akron Varsity Football, and is aspiring to be a soldier in the US Army, and a firefighter when he graduates.

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