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Saturday Night Fire at Braun’s

NEWSTEAD NY-At 21:08 (9:08PM) a fire broke out at 11819 Main Street, at Braun’s Concert Cove. Four fire companies (Newstead Fire Co; Akron Fire Co; Clarence Fire Co; and Clarence Center Fire Co.) responded and extinguished the bulk of the fire down in fifteen minutes. The cause of the fire remains unknown. No injuries were reported. The fire caused 250K in damages to both structure and contents. A bystander stated that there were multiple appliances and pallets being placed inside the restaurant all day prior to the fire.

Dakota Langnefeldt is a junior at Akron High School. He plays quarterback, wide receiver and cornerback for Akron Varsity Football, and is aspiring to be a soldier in the US Army, and a firefighter when he graduates.

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  1. Thanks for your pictures and excellent verbal description. Nice to know what is going on in our two towns.