Newstead Town Board Minutes

Newstead Town Board Meeting- March 8, 2021

A regular meeting was called to order by the Newstead Town Board on Monday, March 8, 2021 at
7:37pm at the Newstead Town Hall.
Present: David Cummings- Supervisor
John Jendrowski- Councilman
Edmund Burke- Councilman
Joseph Dugan- Councilman
Patricia Pope- Councilwoman
Brendan Neill- Town Attorney
Emily Janicz- Assistant Town Attorney
Scott Rybarczyk- Town Engineer
Michael Bassanello- Highway Supt.
Dawn Izydorczak- Town Clerk
Roll Call was taken with all board members present.
Supervisor Cummings led the pledge to the flag.

Minutes from the regular meeting held on February 22, 2021 were presented for approval. A motion
was made by Councilman Dugan, seconded by Councilman Jendrowski to approve as presented.
Carried Unanimously
Agenda Changes – none
Communications – The Clerk presented the following correspondence:
A letter was received from Charter Communications regarding changes in programming and services
beginning on April 1st
An extensive email was received from resident Darryl Murszewski of 7540 Cedar St updating Board
members, the Highway Superintendent and the Building Department on the current drainage
conditions happening at his property and inviting any of them to come to his property to review firsthand the drainage issues happening in that area. Councilman Burke has responded to this letter.
A letter was received from the Town Historian giving the Board an update on the Erie County
Bicentennial celebrations that are being planned, beginning on April 2nd and running throughout the
whole year. The Historians are asking the Board to partner with them to develop some ideas to
incorporate throughout the year, which would then lead into working on the Town’s bicentennial in
A letter was received from resident Nancy Buckley requesting that speed limit signs be posted on
Crittenden Rd from Main Rd north to the Village line. She complained about speeding vehicles
especially between the hours of 3pm and 9pm, stating she has issues crossing the road to get her
mail. Highway Supt. Bassanello will reach out to the County regarding putting up signs.
A letter was received from NextEra Energy giving Notice of Construction, which is expected to start
in the next few weeks and will continue through May of 2022.
A motion was made by Councilman Dugan, seconded by Councilwoman Pope to accept and file the
presented correspondence. Carried Unanimously
Work Session: The Supervisor reported no work session was held last week but the following items
were discussed prior to tonight’s meeting: water and sewer project updates, planning item updates,
building issue updates, grant updates, gas well purchase update, plus any other items brought before
the Board.
Agenda Items Question Period: no one spoke
Budget transfers: none

  • 2 –
    Approval of Bills – Councilwoman Pope reported that the Abstract(s) from Batch(es) #2115 have
    been reviewed with the previously un-audited vouchers and everything was found in order. He
    presented Abstract Batch(es) #2118 for payment. Vouchers on this abstract(s) numbered 133 – 172,
    totaling $73,772.18. Councilman Jendrowski seconded to approve payment as follows:
    Abstract Batch(es) #2118:
    General Fund (A)-$45,331.52, General Fund- Outside Village (B)-$0, Highway (DA) -$0, Highway:
    Outside Village (DB)-$26,735.01, Drainage (SD)-$0, Fire Protection (SF)-$0, Refuse (SR)-$113.40,
    Sewer #1 Fund (SS)-$600.75, Sewer District #2 (SS02)-$465.50, Sewer District #3 (SS03)-$521.50,
    Trust & Agency(TA)-$0 and Consolidated Water (SW00)-$4.50, WD1(SW1)- $0, WD2(SW2)- $0,
    WD3(SW3)- $0, WD4(SW4)- $0, WD5(SW5)- $0, WD6(SW6)- $0, WD7(SW7)- $0,
    WD7A(SW7A)- $0, WD8(SW8)- $0, WD9(SW9)- $0, WD10(SW10)- $0; Total:$73,772.18
    Carried Unanimously
    Highway – a report was presented from the Highway Supt as follows: the crews plowed and salted
    several times; pushed back banks on Sheila Lane, the Town Hall and the Newstead Fire Co; serviced
    truck #1 with oil change and breaks and the open cab tractor; addressed a drainage issue on Moore
    Rd by cleaning out the road ditches; swept the driveway and parking lot for the Village Wastewater
    Treatment Plant; fixed mailboxes; ground stumps and picked up the grindings and checked roads and
    ditches for flooding. Councilman Jendrowski asked about our salt quotas. Mike replied we need to
    take another 500 ton to meet our County quota for the year. New orders for next winter need to be in
    by April with unknown prices.
    Assessor – a report was presented from Tina as follows: Exemption season has finally ended. She
    will be working on finalizing new construction valuation and preparing the assessment roll for
    tentative filing on May 1st. She will have roll inspection by appointment only, as typically very few
    come in to view it. Most view it online, which it will be on the town website.
    Building Office – the following building report was presented by Christine Falkowski of the
    Planning & Building Department:
    Jonathan Decker 11882 Buckwheat Addition
    The Town Board accepted the building report as presented.
    Town Clerk– the office is in its last week of tax collection for the County-Town tax. Payments are
    due by March 15th at the end of business, without penalty. The town has been made whole for this
    collection and we are now working on the Counties portion.
    Town Attorney(s) – nothing at this time
    Jendrowski– he reported the library hot water tank has been replaced and we saved $3900 by going
    the direction we did. He is meeting with Ross from NuPipe who will check the fire alarm system to
    see why we are getting false alarms. He thanked his fellow board members for entrusting him in
    finding cost saving measures. Their trust in him means a lot. He will be attending the Library Board
    meeting this week. He spoke with Mike, Doc and Mr. Foster regarding his drainage issues. He spoke
    with the CEO regarding the shipping containers law and he spoke with a resident who asked about
    snowplowing the bike paths in winter for walkers.
    Dugan – nothing at this time
    Burke – he responded to Mr. Murszewski of 7540 Cedar St regarding his letter and drainage
    concerns and he copied the rest of the board members on his response.
    Pope- nothing at this time
    Supervisor– the January 2021 Supervisor’s Report is on file with the Clerk. He attended the virtual
    Erie County Supervisor’s meeting as well as a 1 hour and 45 minute FEMA online meeting
    regarding the new regulations. He spoke with Brian Murray about whether or not there will be a
    Memorial Day service as in the past. Brian informed him they have reached out to the state for
    recommendations. He worked on the Public Health Emergency plan with Dawn and Brendan. He
    spoke with the Akron School Superintendent regarding the possibilities for a summer recreation
    program. He addressed resident concerns regarding drainage and the NextEra pipeline project. He
    informed the board members the signed contract with Amherst Fire Control has been returned.
    Buildings– the library is completed. Items regarding the Limerick lease will be discussed at the next
    work session.
    Planning– new pending code changes are being prepared for presentation.
    Water– nothing new to report. Still waiting for responses from State and County Health.
    Grants– working on CDBG grant to go to bid in April.
    Approval– Lead Agency-13311 Main Rd:
    A motion was made by Councilman Jendrowski, seconded by Councilman Burke issuing a
    declaration of Lead Agency regarding the 36,000 sq. ft. warehouse addition at 13311 Main Rd
    owned by Newstead Properties, LLC (MGA Research) and declaring it a Type 1 SEQRA action. The
    building department is authorized to coordinate mailings and notifications.
    (Resolution) Cummings-Aye, Dugan-Aye, Burke-Aye, Jendrowski-Aye, Pope- Aye
    Carried Unanimously
    Public Hearing– 13311 Main Rd Addition:
    A motion was made by Councilman Jendrowski, seconded by Councilwoman Pope approving the
    calling of a public hearing on the proposed 36,000 sq. ft. warehouse addition at 13311 Main Rd
    owned by Newstead Properties, LLC(MGA Research), with the hearing to be held on March 22,
    2021 at 7:25pm at the Town Hall and authorizing the Clerk to publish notice in the Akron Bugle.
    (Resolution) Cummings-Aye, Dugan-Aye, Burke-Aye, Jendrowski-Aye, Pope- Aye
    Carried Unanimously
    Approval – Adopt Public Health Emergency Plan:
    A motion was made by Councilman Dugan, seconded by Councilman Burke approving the adoption
    of the draft proposal of the Public Health Emergency Plan for the Town of Newstead and authorizing
    the Town Clerk to send a copy of the plan to the State.
    (Resolution) Cummings-Aye, Dugan-Aye, Burke-Aye, Jendrowski-Aye, Pope-Aye
    Carried Unanimously
    Privilege of the Floor/Question Period: Jacob Halleck, Secretary of the Akron Chamber of
    Commerce, was present to introduce himself to the Board and thanked the Board for their assistance
    last summer on the cruise and parade events. He and President Mike Holland are always available if
    any of the board members need to discuss possible ideas.
    There being no further business to come before the board for the regular meeting, a motion was
    made by Councilman Burke, seconded by Councilwoman Pope to adjourn the regular meeting at
    8:07pm. Carried Unanimously

  • Respectfully Submitted,
    Dawn D. Izydorczak, RMC, Town Clerk