Local Hospital Report From A Street Reporter

MFS hospital is full-the hospital ,the ER, the morgue.

As WNY is now in a Covid crisis, there were no empty beds in the hospital so they sent me home with meds. The next morning the hospital called and told me to return to my ER immediately as I had bacteria in my blood. The ER was jammed, I waited 4-1/2 hrs for an ER bed. Then when they had a bed upstairs, I was admitted and scheduled for emergency surgery as soon as they had an open OR(neg for Covid and flu). I had surgery at 11 the next day and was sent home at 5:30 as they needed the room. My car is still at the hospital-just waiting to see if I need to return for more IV antibiotics.

Everyone at MFS was so pleasant and helpful-from the checkin person to the triage Dept to all the staff even though they are short staffed and overwhelmed. The ER has beds in the hallways, special areas for possible Covid pts. The floor I was on was full and the nurse said they were opening rooms that hadn’t been used for years. They are short staffed but everyone was pleasant and helpful. I am so thankful for the great care I received from everyone.

When I left yesterday afternoon, almost all the rooms held Covid pts. This increase is just the beginning from the holiday-they have surpassed the numbers from the spring. Their morgue is beyond capacity.

People, follow the rules. Stuff I saw in the waiting room amazed me-people shaking hands, leaning over the receptionist, refusing to wear a mask that was given by the hospital, eating, changing chairs, standing to close, continuing talking on the phone when you are called to the back(I wanted to punch that guy)


_Newsteader Street Reporter-