crop hand with red paper heart on white background with stethoscope and maskAnnouncements

**BREAKING** WNY Medical Community Needs Your Help

One of the most important points in this statement is about the health system getting overloaded.

For example: Covid has overwhelmed the hospitals, so they now have to send people away. 1.) Your son gets in a bad car wreck and can’t get the care he needs to survive. 2.) Your Mom has a heart attack.. 3.) You have a kidney stone lodged in your ureter. 4.) Your kid is having a reaction to something… The virus may “only kill x% of people”, but it’s the preventable stuff people will end up dying/or just suffering for a long time from if the hospitals are full, and staff is overwhelmed.

These folks are BEGGING us to not mix with other households during the holiday, maybe we should show them how much we appreciate them by our actions. They have been sacrificing for us for months now, don’t you think it’s time we sacrifice for them? -JAP-