Newstead Town Board Agenda 10/26/2020

6:45 p.m. Work Session
7:20 p.m. Public Hearing – 2021 Town Budget

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Pledge to the Flag
  4. Approval of Minutes for Regular Meeting 10/13/20
  5. Agenda Changes
  6. Communications – Work Session –
  7. Agenda item questions * See Note
  8. Approval of Bills – Budget Transfers
  9. Committee and Department Head Reports
    A. Highway
    B. Assessor
    C. Code Enforcement / Building Dept.
    D. Town Clerk
    E. Town Attorney
    F. Councilman
    Jendrowski Dugan Burke
    G. Supervisor –
  1. Unfinished Business
    A. Buildings
    B. Planning
    C. Water/Sewer
    D. Grants
  2. New Business
    A. Resolution – Set Public hearing on Fire Contract (northeast part of town) 2021-2022, November 9 th , 2020 at 7:00 p.m.
    B. Resolution – 12963 Main Solar 1, LLC Pilot
    C. Resolution – Arrowhead Timber lodge Solar, LLC Pilot.
    D. Resolution – Request road study Cedar/Carney Roads
    E. Resolution – Set Public hearing for Site Plan – 12600 Clarence Center Rd- Addition. November 23, 2020 at 7:20 p.m.
    F. Motion – Advertise for appointed Positions for 2021
    G. Motion – Snow Removal for Town Properties- Winter of 2020 – Golden Dome
  3. Privilege of the Floor or Question Period * See note
  4. Adjournment

Work Session: 6:45 p.m. –

  1. resolutions and motions –
  2. Planning – Drainage, Fire Practice/Demos, Solar, Maple Road
  3. Water /Sewer- Grant,
  4. Buildings- New Library, Denio, Limerick
  5. Grants – Trail ways, Parks, Generator, CDBG
  6. Other –Gas Well, Fire Contract (Northeast Corner of Town), 2021 Budget, Traffic Study
    Positions of 2021 ad
  7. Executive session –

*Questions and comments on Agenda Items only shall be open to all people who wish to speak and will remain open to all who have been recognized by the Chair. All remarks must be addressed to the Chair unless otherwise
directed by the Chair. All comments must be civil. No derogatory comments will be tolerated. Speakers not complying with requirement of civility will not be allowed to continue speaking and may, at the discretion of the
Chair, be asked to leave the meeting. Each speaker must limit their comments to a five minute maximum. The Chair may impose a total time limit for comments on any issue and if it appears that all comments being made are substantially the same, may request other different comments and may close the comment period. The time period for privilege of the floor shall be limited to a total of 20 minutes unless extended by the Chair.

*The Privilege of the floor or Question Period. Comments and questions will be made concerning the town at this time. All comments and questions must be made in a civil polite manner and will be addressed to the Chair.
No derogatory comments will be tolerated. Speaker not complying with this requirement will be asked to stop speaking and no response will be made to such comment. The Chair may request that a specific representative of
the Town respond to a particular question, respond to the question himself or herself, advise the questioner that the Town will look into it and get back to the questioner or advise the questioner that their question either cannot be answered or will not be answered. There shall be no right of any questioner to receive a response to any particular question. The Chair reserves the right to limit each person to one question and to limit the overall question period to a reasonable time period in the Chair’s sole discretion. The time period for questions from the floor shall be
limited to 20 minutes unless extended by the Chair.