Local News

Another Accident at Cedar & Carney

Cedar and Carney is the scene of yet another accident. Apparently the orange diamonds on the first stop sign and the new pavement markings aren’t enough to stop this from happening.

There have also been a few crack ups there throughout the year since I posted the list of accidents since 2000 , however Covid has kept me away from getting any information.

According to 2 sources this evening, car #1 was stopped on Carney about to travel West, car #2 was traveling North on Cedar St. Car #1 then pulled forward and hit car #2 as it was going through. Newstead Fire Company, Erie County Sheriff’s and Twin City were all on scene. Thankfully, no one was injured (this time) and Twin City was cancelled. Both vehicles had airbags deployed.

This intersection continues to be dangerous. Some residents of the area on the scene would like to see more done about it. Four way stops, flashing yellow, and rumble strips were all mentioned. It is only a matter of time before there is a real tragedy here.



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