Newstead Politics Heat Up

On Friday, August 21, 2020, The Newstead Republican Committee posted an article on the Akron Newstead Opinion Forum Facebook page.

The article and its headline referenced the Conservative Party’s endorsement of a local Republican candidate. The Conservative Party has also endorsed Democrat Adam Burg in his bid for Newstead Town Council. In the now deleted post on the Akron Newstead Opinion Forum, the Newstead Republican Committee chose to tag Adam’s opponent in an effort to mislead this community into believing the Conservative Party has endorsed her.

This was a highly disrespectful and unethical move and is not in line with the values of this community. In the comments section, the people of Newstead quickly recognized this post for what it is, misleading and untruthful, and called for the truth from the Newstead Republican Committee. Instead, the Newstead Republican Committee said, “that’s politics” and doubled down with condescending double talk, thanking the community for allowing them to explain local politics to us. To be clear, the Conservative Party has endorsed Adam Burg for Newstead Town Board. In their official announcement of the endorsement, the Conservative party said: “The Conservative Party has to do what is good for the Conservatives and with deep thoughts. With Great Family Values, Great work Ethic, Great Community Values, Great Trust from Community, Adam Burg has the Conservative Endorsement. We ask All Conservatives to please reach out to Adam and ask how they can help!” The people of Newstead are awake and paying attention. We are tired of lies. We are tired of self-serving politicians. Stunts like this by the Newstead Republican Committee are very much not appreciated in this community.

Kristen Skeet Writer, Filmmaker, Town of Newstead resident