Time to make the Vinegar!

Summer is here! That means that lots of stuff is in bloom, including your chives. Did you know that you can infuse vinegar with the purple blossoms? You can also use them as a garnish on a salad or a Spring plate. They are edible as well. Here is how to make pretty purple chive vinegar.

Snip the blossoms off the chives at the top. Fill a bowl with cold water and give them a good “bath”, then put them in a colander and give a good rinse.

You can use either champagne vinegar or white vinegar for this. I am using white vinegar so the purple color isn’t tainted.

Get your mason jars ready, and stuff as many blossoms in that you can. Heat up vinegar to just below boiling. Pour vinegar over blossoms. Close jar with parchment paper in between the lid and the glass or the metal will do something bad because of the acid.

Put jar in dark place and forget about it for a few weeks. A few weeks later, strain out the blossoms, and enjoy in a nice summer salad! It is SO good! It’s also a cool, homemade gift for friends! -JAP-

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