Tales from the End of the Road; Living through COVID19 in Key West Part 7

May 10, 2020:

Quarantine Day 54:

Today is Mother’s Day, which is always a very busy day for me. I consider myself to have five mother figures in my life, and I try to connect with each of them throughout the day, in some semblance of seniority.

Five women, four calls. I can talk for hours on a phone, so you do whatever rough math you have to do in your head and give me a rough estimate of how many hours I spent chatting on the phone today. Good thing the unemployment office was closed.

May 11, 2010:

Quarantine Day 55:

Tonight, I volunteered for a quarantine portrait series conducted by a local photographer. I’ve been involved in several portrait series and photo shoots throughout the years, but it was especially cool and very Key West to show up solo at a shoot wearing only a mask, gloves, a tutu, and a snapback cap with the words “Tropical Gangster” emblazoned on the front. Don’t worry, I ditched my bra right before he took the picture and I slapped it right back on after he was done. In proper social distancing etiquette, the entire process took about 3 minutes before I was ushered off so as not to come into close contact with another person.

May 12, 2020:

Quarantine Day 56:

Governor DeSantis opened up state parks this week, so I hit up Ft Zachary Taylor for some sun. The state parks have implemented a cap for each day, so we were lucky we got there early. Myles and I tagged along with a friend who forced us out of our self-imposed Netflix coma. The water was a gorgeous teal, having been untouched by multi-ton cruise ships for two months, but those damn winds were picking up rather quickly. The weather is forecasting a damp beginning to hurricane season.

May 13, 2020:

Quarantine Day 57:
You’re probably tired of hearing haikus, so I’m going to try a limerick today.

Quarantine Limerick #1:

There once was a girl from Key West

Who was really trying her best

She could have freaked out

And popped off like a spout

About the lack of government checks


I’m still a bitter betty.

May 14, 2020:

Quarantine Day 58:

I worked out today, which was the first time for me in quite a while (save for the bike rides I take to get out of the house and save my sanity). I’ve mentioned before that I was semi-addicted to Crossfit at the beginning of all of this, but I definitely slacked off in the first two months of quarantine. I’m not proud of that.

The small workout I completed kicked my ass, but I need to quickly whip that ass back into shape because I don’t need to go back to work looking like the Pillsbury goddamn Doughboy. When it comes to working out and eating right, it’s like it’s three steps forward and five steps back for me. I’d appreciate it if Digiorno and Ben and Jerry’s could go out of business by the time they open the gyms back up. I have absolutely no willpower against a fine frozen pizza and a pint of the good stuff (Cherry Garcia, I’m looking at you).

May 15, 2020:

Quarantine Day 59:

Jenni got the call that she’s going back to work tomorrow. She works right now at a quaint little French cafe a few blocks away. Obviously, they are working with a limited capacity, so it will be interesting to see how lucrative it can be for servers when they can’t turn and burn tables like they’re used to doing. I also hope her mask holds up for the entire shift. We have obtained some pretty cute masks, but throwing one on for a trip to the grocery store is vastly different than throwing one on for a seven-hour shift. I hope she’s comfortable.

May 16, 2020:

Quarantine Day 60:

It’s crazy to me that it’s been 60 days!!!! When this whole thing started, I figured we’d be well back to work by now, but that just shows you how naive I was when we began this non-journey. Or maybe it has been a journey and I’m just too close to the snow-globe that is my tiny, insulated life to even comprehend if I’ve obtained any wisdom thus far.

What I have obtained, though, is a “lazy day” schedule that I sometimes implement; one that will be tough to break when I actually do go back to work. RIght now, my “lazy day” goes as follows:

8:00-8:30ish: Wake up. Make coffee.

9:00-10:00ish: Scrounge around the fridge several times. I call this “first breakfast”, which is just a fancy way of saying “I eat cold food while standing half-naked in the kitchen, tossing said food into my mouth while my eyes dart around, looking for someone to catch me.”

11:00-1:00ish: Catch up on any TV shows Myles doesn’t like (he sleeps later than me). For instance, I’ve been watching Grey’s Anatomy for 16 years. I’m invested in every character. Nobody else cares. These are the episodes I watch alone. I may be prone to eating Ben and Jerry’s during this time.

1:00-3:00ish: First nap.

3:00-5:00ish: “Lunch.” Hahaha. Lunch is second breakfast. Lunch is not made by me. It is usually made by Myles after he asks me what I want to eat and I say, “nothing,” and then eat half of his food.

6:00-8:00ish: Second nap.

9:00-10:00ish: Repeat the “scrounge around” situation, but the food is still warm because Myles, Jenni, or Shelby just made dinner. I put this into leftover containers for first breakfast.

10:00- whenever-ish: This is the wild-card time. I either immediately fall asleep, or I stay up until the sun rises.

I’ll be okay. I promise

LBB Lauryn Lucy Brooke is a bartender who lives in Key West, Florida. Her favorite activities used to be traveling, scuba diving, and hanging out with friends. None of which she can do now.  Lauryn has a Masters Degree in Journalism from CUNY.