Newstead Town Board Minutes

Newstead Town Board Agenda April 27, 2020

7:15 p.m. Work Session
1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Pledge to the Flag
4. Approval of Minutes for Regular Meeting 4/13/20
5. Agenda Changes
6. Communications – Work Session –
7. Agenda item questions * See Note
8. Approval of Bills – Budget Transfers
9. Committee and Department Head Reports
A. Highway
B. Assessor
C. Code Enforcement / Building Dept.
D. Town Clerk
E. Town Attorney
F. Councilman
Jendrowski Dugan Burke Morlacci
G. Supervisor – Supervisor’s Report for March
10. Unfinished Business
A. Buildings
B. Planning
C. Water/Sewer
D. Grants
11. New Business
A. Resolution – Add Light on Cummings Road and Trail way intersection, remove light
from town inventory on Clarence Center road (1-1)
B. Resolution – Support Federal Funding directly delivered to all municipalities
C. Resolution- NextEra Temporary Construction Access Agreement
D. Motion – Lateral restriction Hardship – 5867 Barnum
E. Motion – Reschedule Ride for Roswell – August 22, 2020
12. Privilege of the Floor or Question Period * See note
13. Adjournment

NOTICEIf any town resident wants to speak, we will make arrangements for them to do so. They need to contact the town hall to be scheduled. We will practice the distancing protocol at the meeting.

Work Session: 7:15 p.m. –
1. resolutions and motions –
2. Planning –
3. Water /Sewer- Grant, cedar St.
4. Buildings- Limerick
5. Grants – Trail ways, Parks, Generator,
6. Other –Gas Well, Property
7. Executive session –