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APRIL 13, THRU April 19, 2020

04/13 – Patrol responded to a first-aid call on Clinton Street.
04/14 – A suspicious incident was reported on Pearl Street, no problems were
04/15 – A car/deer accident was reported on Crittenden Road.
Patrol responded to a first-aid call on Main Street.
An alarm was reported on Hoag Avenue, it was accidental.
A fire alarm was reported at a Cedar Street business, it was caused by a
faulty sensor.
A car alarm was activated on Thistle Downs, no issues were found.
Patrol responded to a Shepard Avenue for a first-aid call.
04/16 – A disturbance was reported on Wesley Drive, the subjects were advised.
A suspicious occupied vehicle was reported on Skyline Drive, they were
04/17 – Patrol responded to a Westgate Avenue residence for a first-aid call.
A custody dispute was reported on Cummings Road, they were advised.
Patrol responded to a first-aid call on East Avenue.

04/18 – Patrol checked on the welfare of a subject on Cedar Street, on the
concerns of a family member. Everything was in order.
People were reported violating the “social distancing” rule in Akron Falls
Park, it was unfounded.
A suspicious person wearing a costume was reported on East Avenue. The
subject was located, advised and returned home.
04/19 – A porch fire was reported on Cedar Street, it was very small and was
Patrol responded to a first-aid call on Randy Drive.

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