Local News

Local State of Emergency Declared

Town of Newstead:

Declared Local State of Emergency:  in effect from 9AM today til 9AM April 19

Town Hall will have no public access.  limited office hours from 9AM – 2PM with limited staff.

Village of Akron:

Declared Local State of Emergency from 9AM today til 9AM April 15

Village Hall closed to public access till the 31st but people can call.  The workforce has been cut in half to follow Federal guidelines.

Akron/Newstead has opened a emergency operation center at the public safety building located at  50 John St. It is  being manned by local emergency managers to run emergency operations (EOC) for our community. Call town hall 542-4573 ext 213 EOC phone number.

We are well supplied with n95 masks and PPE at this time, and have pre-ordered more masks for future.

More info as it comes out!  Stay tuned -JAP-