ERIE COUNTY, NY – The Erie County Department of Health (ECDOH) will continue to offer regular updates to the media and community on COVID-19. For March 17, 2020, 1300 hours:

–          Lab testing: Following the re-run of samples from 3/16/2020, the Erie County Public Health Lab identified four new positive COVID-19 cases.

–          They include:

o   A female in her 50s, unknown travel history

o   A female in her 50s, no recent travel history

o   A male in his 40s, recent travel history out of state

o   A male in his 30s, recent travel history out of state
–          Contact tracing for positive COVID-19 cases: Our disease investigation on the additional cases from 3/16/2020 is underway. We will be identifying close contacts and placing them under quarantine, and will make additional notifications about any potential for public exposure as those details are available. The individuals with a positive test result reside in Williamsville, Amherst and Buffalo. Of our current positive cases, one individual has been hospitalized.

We are further advising any individuals who were present at the following locations on the specified dates to monitor themselves daily for symptoms of COVID-19.

3/10/2020, 10-11:30 a.m.: Barnes and Noble on Niagara Falls Boulevard in Amherst
3/10/2020, 7-8 p.m.: Harlem Road Community Center in Amherst
3/11/2020, 10:30-11:30 a.m.: Williamsville Branch Library in Williamsville
3/11/2020, 7-8 p.m.: Lexington Co-op on Elmwood Ave. in Buffalo
3/11/2020, 7-8 p.m.: 7/11 at 782 Elmwood Ave. in Buffalo
3/13/2020: Southwest Airlines Flight 2442 from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Buffalo Niagara International Airport

 –          The following data is for Erie County residents:

Positive test results: 11
Negative test results: 75
Pending test results: 225
Currently under mandatory quarantine: 53, with more expected today as our contact tracing continues.

–          Individuals without a primary care physician: Erie County residents who feel they may have COVID-19 symptoms (fever of 100.4 or higher; cough; and/or fever) can call our Information Line at (716) 858-2929. They will be transferred to a specific call group that will be able to screen them for symptoms and take their information. We are continuing to advise people to contact their own health care provider for medical advice.

–          Information for employers: Private businesses and organizations are expected to be at 50% capacity or less per the Governor’s order. Telecommuting, flexible shifts and alternate work sites should be considered.

–          Social distancing: ECDOH strongly recommends that Erie County residents practice social distancing. Stay at home except for essential travel for basic needs. Wash hands frequently. Avoid touching your face. If you feel ill, stay home.


–          Information Line: We are encouraging individuals and physicians to use our COVID-19 Information Line [(716) 858-2929].

–          Erie County Department of Health activities: Based on NYS regulations and current Erie County recommendations, most ECDOH outreach activities are cancelled or postponed. Please check with your  ECDOH staff contact if you have specific questions about an event or service.

–          Erie County residents should continue to review our COVID-19 web site at for answers to general questions.



For more information:

·         Erie County Department of Health, COVID-19 Information Line: (716) 858-2929
Mondays through Fridays – 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.

·         Erie County Department of Health, COVID-19

·         New York State Department of Health, Novel Coronavirus

·         New York State Department of Health Hotline: (888) 364-3065

·         Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Coronavirus