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MARCH 9, THRU MARCH 15, 2020


03/10 – Patrol responded to a Buell Street business, on a first-aid call.
A suspicious occupied vehicle was reported on Front Street, everything
checked okay.
Patrol responded to a Shepard Avenue residence for a first-aid call.
03/11 – An alarm was reported on East Avenue, it was accidental.
Two Eckerson Avenue residents were charged with assault, in regards to
an earlier incident. They were served criminal summons’s to show up in court.
03/12 – A larceny was reported on Pearl Street, cash was taken.
A disorderly person was reported at a Cedar Street business, the subject
left before patrol arrived.
03/13 – Lost property was reported, a license plate was reported missing.
Patrol responded to a first-aid call on Wesley Drive.
A suspicious vehicle was reported on Brooklyn Street, they were advised.
03/14 – Patrol responded to a Jackson Street residence, for a first-aid call.
Illegal parking was reported on Main Street, one car was tagged.
A suspicious vehicle was reported on east Avenue, it was unfounded.

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