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Here’s a List of Small Businesses Offering Curb Side Pick Up of Orders and More

Small business is getting SLAMMED with the outbreak of this new very infectious disease.  Since many of us are frightened of either catching it ourselves, or not wanting to transmit it to our more frail loved ones, many are staying away from the public more.  In order to help out our community, I have contacted businesses in the area to see what we can to to help out!  Here is a partial list of businesses and how they have changed things around a bit to help everyone feel more comfortable:

Candy Apple Cafe:  Will be happy to take your order by phone, you drive up, and someone will bring your order out to you.  If you would like to help out by buying a gift certificate for a later date, you can call, pay by card, and they will be happy to mail it to you!  Phone 542-4155

BABZ BBQ: Is offering curbside service.  Just phone in your order, drive up and someone will be happy to bring it out to you. 442-6012

Akron Market on Main:  is offering curb side pick up, just call to order, and they are happy to help. 442-5139

PizzaBella: Offering curbside Pick up


GATE HOUSE GRILL: Has decided to close until further notice

Mazia’s: Offering curb side pick up at the hot dog window 759-2803

I am still waiting to hear back from some other businesses in town, and will update as soon as I do! It’s going to be difficult for a while but we are a strong community and we will ALL get though this TOGETHER!   -JAP-


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