Newstead Town Board Minutes

Town of Newstead Board Agenda Feb 24

Newstead Town Board Agenda
February 24, 2020

6:45 p.m. Work Session
1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Pledge to the Flag
4. Approval of Minutes for Regular Meeting 2/10/20
5. Agenda Changes
6. Communications – Work Session –
7. Agenda item questions * See Note
8. Approval of Bills – Budget Transfers
9. Committee and Department Head Reports
A. Highway
B. Assessor
C. Code Enforcement / Building Dept.
D. Town Clerk
E. Town Attorney
F. Councilman
Jendrowski Dugan Burke Morlacci
G. Supervisor
10. Unfinished Business
A. Buildings
B. Planning
C. Water/Sewer
D. Grants
11. New Business
A. Resolution- Approving Justice Court Audit for 2019
B. Resolution- Approving Firefighter Cancer Benefit
C. Motion- Beer/wine permit July 26 th at Veteran’s Park
D. Motion- Beer/wine permit August 1 st at Veteran’s Park
E. Motion- Beer/wine permit April 5 th at Cultural Center
12. Privilege of the Floor or Question Period * See note
13. Adjournment

Work Session: 6:45 p.m. –
1. resolutions and motions
2. Highway – Truck Purchases, Inventory Report
3. Planning – Demo properties
4. Water /Sewer- Grant, Cedar St.
5. Buildings- Limerick, Denio, Library
6. Grants – Trail ways, Parks, Generator, Culvert
7. Other –Gas Well (what next), Property, Court (Audit and village reply), Drainage, Ethics
Training (June 9 th ,Who is going?)
8. Executive session