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Chris Jacobs Ignores Debate Challenge from Nate McMurray


McMurray to hold debate with Special guest and voters in light of Jacobs ducking invitation

HAMBURG, N.Y. – On February 5th, Democratic congressional candidate Nate McMurray challenged his opponent Chris Jacobs to 8 debates, one in each county of the district. The first debate, scheduled for this evening in Canandaigua, was cancelled because Chris Jacobs did not respond. McMurray will meet with voters in Canandaigua on Friday to debate the issues with or without Jacobs.

“I’ve been campaigning in this district for two years now, previously against another politician who avoided debating me on the issues, and I think it’s important that Jacobs face the voters with me. He supports Trump? That’s fine. I want to know what he’ll say when he’s asked why he supports Trump cutting Medicare and Social Security for struggling families. This district voted overwhelmingly for Trump once because he promised he would protect their healthcare, Social Security, and Medicare. Now we know that was a lie – all you have to do is read Trump’s budget to see that. Why should people here trust another career politician living off a trust fund who will say anything for their vote?” said Nate McMurray.

“I want Mr. Jacobs to explain to the people of NY-27 what a casino-owning billionaire knows about having to choose between life-saving insulin and putting dinner on the table for their kids. People deserve the chance to hold him accountable for the positions he’s defending.”