Newstead Town Board Minutes

Newstead Town Board Meeting- February 10, 2020

The Board entered executive session at 7:35pm to discuss contractual issues on a motion from Councilman Jendrowski, seconded by Councilwoman Morlacci. Carried Unanimously
The Board exited executive session on a motion by Councilman Burke, seconded by Councilman Dugan at 7:38pm, having taken no action. Carried Unanimously
A regular meeting was called to order by the Newstead Town Board on Monday, February 10, 2020 at 7:39pm at the Newstead Town Hall.
Present: David Cummings- Supervisor
John Jendrowski- Councilman
Edmund Burke- Councilman
Joseph Dugan- Councilman
Jeannine Morlacci- Councilwoman
Brendan Neill- Town Attorney
Emily Janicz- Assistant Town Attorney
Scott Rybarczyk- Town Engineer
Dawn Izydorczak- Town Clerk
Roll Call was taken with all board members present.
Councilwoman Morlacci led the pledge to the flag.
Minutes from the regular meeting held on January 27, 2020 were presented for approval. A motion was made by Councilman Dugan, seconded by Councilman Jendrowski to approve as presented.
Carried Unanimously
Agenda Changes – none
Communications – The Clerk presented the following correspondence:
A notice of a training session “Emergency Management Certification and Training Tier 3” was received from NYS Homeland Security & Emergency Services office. The training will be held March 16th from 6:30-9:30pm at the Erie County Training & Operation Center in Cheektowaga.
The semi-annual report was received from the Town Historian.
A motion was made by Councilman Dugan, seconded by Councilman Burke to accept and file the presented correspondence. Carried Unanimously
Work Session: The Supervisor reported that at the work session held last week the following items were discussed: a solar presentation was made and a meeting with the insurance carrier was held, water & sewer project updates, planning item updates, building issues updates, grant updates, highway truck replacement, gas well, drainage, courts, plus any other items brought before the Board. An executive session was held from 8:25pm-8:47pm regarding contractual matters.
Agenda Items Question Period: no one spoke
Budget transfers: none
Approval of Bills – Councilman Jendrowski reported that the Abstract(s) from Batch(es) #2005 for 2019 and 2006 for 2020 have been reviewed with the previously un-audited vouchers and everything was found in order. He presented Abstract Batch(es) #2009 & 2012 for payment. Vouchers on this abstract(s) numbered 61 and 83-130, totaling $164,600.64. Councilwoman Morlacci seconded to approve payment as follows:
Abstract Batch(es) #2009 & 2012:
General Fund (A)-$27,365.37, General Fund- Outside Village (B)-$266.23, Highway (DA) -$0,
Highway: Outside Village (DB)-$4,917.13, CAP-SEW 1 Rehab (HAR)-$14,330.07, CAP- Bike Path (HTG)-$89,573.04, CAP- Water Improvement (HW)-$0, CAP Water-Downey (HW01)-$0, CAP-

Water- Cedar (HW02)-$0, CAP- Water-Knapp- (HW03)-$0, Drainage (SD)-$0, Fire Protection (SF)-$0, Refuse (SR)-$26,076.92, Sewer #1 Fund (SS)-$1,005.38, Sewer District #2 (SS02)- $440.75, Sewer District #3 (SS03)-$621.25, Trust & Agency(TA)-$0 and Water Districts:
Consolidated (SW00)-$4.50, (SW1) $0, (SW2) $0, (SW3) $0, (SW4) $0, (SW5) $0, (SW6) $0,
(SW7) $0, (SW7A) $0, (SW8) $0, (SW9) $0, (SW10) $0; Total:$164,600.64 Carried Unanimously
Highway – not present, no report.
Assessor – Tina’s report was presented by the Supervisor stating she is almost done with the commercial valuation and should be complete within the next week. Once that is done, she & Julie will be driving the manufactured home communities to ensure all data is correct as valued. She will then run roll totals again and supply them to the Board with her next report. She is holding a taxpayer information session on February 25th at 6:30pm at the Town Hall to explain the reassessment and what property owners can expect.
Building Office – the following building report was presented by Christine Falkowski of the Planning & Building Department:
Newstead Park Associates 5675 Buell Pole Barn
Newstead Park Associates 5675 Buell Greenhouse
David DeYoung 13033 Carney Windows
The Town Board accepted the building report as presented.
Town Clerk- Dawn presented to Dog Control Officer’s 3rd & 4th Quarter reports from 2019.
County-Town corrected tax bills have been received and are in process. We plan to mail them out on Friday, Feb. 14th unless they are ready for mailing earlier.
Town Attorney(s) – nothing at this time
Jendrowski- he spoke with Don Holmes on Cultural Center issues, spoke with a Meahl Rd resident on the power line project, spoke with Tolson on scheduling to get the new sensor installed at the library and spoke with Tina on the reval project.
Dugan – nothing at this time
Burke – he attended the Recreation Board meeting and is happy to report that the department has a great working relationship with the school. New and recertification lifeguard training sessions are coming up for staff and the 2020 summer session is currently being planned.
Morlacci- nothing at this time
Supervisor- he did his quarterly drive of the town and reported streetlights out to National Grid. He met with Father Baker at St. Teresa’s, addressed Cultural Center issues, met with the CEO on unsafe buildings in the town, spoke with Devin Scotch on the status of his Boy Scout Eagle project at Veteran’s Park, and worked on several grants. He will be out of town from Feb. 16th
– March 4th
Buildings- Limerick Hall- nothing new, Denio- electric outlets to be installed in the next 2-3 weeks,
Library- sensor is in and Tolson will be out to install it.
Planning- nothing new to report
Water/Sewer- Scott reported we have cleared the DEC and State Historic hurdles and are now just waiting on the NYSDOH approvals for the waterline project. ADESA SD1 rehab is still waiting for delivery of the pumps and warmer weather.

Grants- several grants are being finished and we are still waiting on new info on the parks grant and the culvert study grant.
Approval- Insurance Policy for 2020:
A motion was made by Councilman Dugan, seconded by Councilwoman Morlacci approving the insurance proposal from Trident Insurance Brokerage for 2020 for all town properties at a cost of $78,642 plus a policy fee of $274.43 and authorizing the supervisor to execute necessary papers.
(Resolution attached) Cummings-Aye, Dugan-Aye, Burke-Aye, Jendrowski-Aye, Morlacci-Aye
Carried Unanimously
Approval- NextEra Host Community:
A motion was made by Councilman Jendrowski, seconded by Councilman Burke approving the “Host Community Benefit Agreement” by and between the Town and NextEra Energy Transmission New York, Inc dated January 27, 2020 for a proposed development project to construct approximately 20 miles of overhead 345-kilovolt transmission line through the town.
(Resolution attached) Cummings-Aye, Dugan-Aye, Burke-Aye, Jendrowski-Aye, Morlacci-Aye
Carried Unanimously
Privilege of the Floor/Question Period: no one spoke
There being no further business to come before the board for the regular meeting a motion was made by Councilman Burke, seconded by Councilman Dugan to adjourn the regular meeting at 7:56pm.
Carried Unanimously
Respectfully Submitted,
Dawn D. Izydorczak, RMC, Town Clerk