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Another Elder Care Horror Story

Letter to the Editor:

Do not allow your loved one to be placed at Comprehensive Rehab and Nursing Center at Williamsville on 147 Reist Street, Williamsville.

Last week, a loved one who is terminal and completely immobile was transferred to this facility where patient call buttons don’t work and/or are ignored.

Within his time there, one 24 hour period, our loved one was neglected by an uncaring staff who didn’t read his medical file because “it was too long” and therefore had no idea he had special dietary and medical needs, was told “this isn’t a babysitting service” when he begged for help shifting his legs, was called “grouchy and mean” when he voiced pain, was denied a bed pan because timing was inconvenient, and was forced to sit in soiled sheets and underclothing for hours.

While there, loved one’s health declined significantly leading to a family member dialing 911 to have him transported back to the hospital. At this time, another patient begged for an ambulance too, as she had fallen three times in a short amount of time without any intervening help from staff.

When family arrived to retrieve loved one’s personal belongings, a significant amount of money had gone missing. Repeated attempts to retrieve it have been ignored by the staff. A police report has been filed.

A quick glance through Google reviews show many similar horror stories.

I’m only writing this in the desperate hopes that another human being will be spared a similar experience at this horrendous facility.

Kristen Skeet


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  1. Oh that sounds truly awful! I’m so sorry your family member had to go through that! Prayers!

  2. Kristen, i don’t know if you are related to Tim Skeet but i worked with him and Sue at Brothers of Mercy back in the day. I am appalled but, sadly, not surprised. BOM was a great facility but we were always hearing horror stories about other places. it is unconscionable that elders should be treated this way. There are people in Albany working revising laws that pertain to these types of facilities but something needs to be done now. I urge anyone who has had these kinds of things happen to loved ones, call a lawyer, (there are a couple in the area that specialize in Elder law, call the police (911, if needed) there is some good information here : https://www.nursinghomeabusecenter.com/nursing-home-abuse/reporting-nursing-home-abuse/ and here: https://ncea.acl.gov/

    • Cheryl, thank you so much! This is wonderful information to have. I am related to Tim! I believe he is a cousin to my dad, Roger. I have bookmarked these websites you’ve provided. Thanks again!

  3. Kristen, I am so sorry to hear of the horrific treatment that your loved one received. No respect or caring should never be tolerated by anyone towards their senior family member or anyone who cannot do for themselves. Everyone of them should be reported to the Department of State and the facility should be shut down. Prayers for your loved one and all of you.

  4. Kristen I am nothing short of appalled.
    This story broke my heart. I’m sure it wasn’t easy to re-live but thank you for sharing. Being forewarned will help many people.

  5. Kristen, I am so sorry that you, and especially your loved one, experienced this. I spent most of my career at a good nursing home, and even there the care was not “perfect”. The care they received is certainly unacceptable. I advise you to take the first step of calling the Department of Health NYS Nursing Home Hotline at 888-201-4563 to report this. Someone is available to take your call 24/7.

  6. Horrible Horrible place! My husband was there last year, eventually he was hospitalized & thankfully sent to Brothers under hospice care–where he peacefully passed away. While in the hospital they wanted to send him back to Comprehensive–fortunately we were able to get him the BOM bed–the amount of awful things that happened at Comprehensive are to numerous to write–The only thing I can do right now is to warn people NOT TO SEND THEM TO COMPREHENSIVE–

  7. Kristen,
    So, so sorry to hear this mistreatment. This kind of thing should never happen, but, I’m sure, frequently does. When Tim was in rehab after his hip operations it was obvious the facility was subpar. Prayers for your family. I know this is a horrendous time.