All You Ever Wanted to Know About Novel CoronaVirus, But Were Afraid to Ask

Novel Coronavirus, What We Know So Far

The Newsteader™ has been following this story “unofficially” since a small cluster broke out near an open air market in Wuhan China back in December.  In the past week or so, there have been several press conferences by the Center for Disease Control here in the US, The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Doctors at the University of Hong Kong, and today, the World Health Organisation.  ALL of the information in this piece is from official sources around the world.

Here is what we know so far:

  1. “Novel” simply means that it is a new virus and no one has immunity to it, and they really don’t know anything about it, so they have to start at square one.
  2. A Coronavirus is the same type of virus that causes the common cold.
  3. The outbreak is centered in Wuhan China.  It is passing via droplets from one person to another, but can also be transmitted through direct contact between people.
  4. Of all the cases 20% are severe and 2% have died so far.  Too early to say what the mortality will be.
  5. According to CDC the incubation is between 2-14 days.
  6. According the the WHO, China has been very transparent about the virus and has been working with the world community, sharing information so that the virus can be contained, and a vaccine can be found.
  7. At this writing all deaths have been in China.
  8. China has reported asymptomatic transmission, however the WHO said they really know didn’t know yet.
  9. WHO Said numbers outside China are still low, but they hold the potential for a much larger outbreak.
  10. 20 ports of entry are now implementing advanced screening for risk assessment of passengers with travel history including China.
  11. There has been confirmed human to human transmission in China and Germany, and now a possible case in France.
  12. There are 5 confirmed cases of Wuhan Coronavirus in the United States right now.  The CDC is actively doing contact tracing to find everyone who has had contact with the patients, so they can be evaluated.
  13. The CDC is working on getting diagnostic kits to State Health Depts ASAP so they can get faster confirmation of cases.  Right now, the samples have to be send out and they have to wait on results.
  14. They are testing anti virals, but there is no proven therapy yet.
  15. CDC and WHO are putting together a team to go to China to work with researchers there.
  16. WHO is making working on a standardized way to collect information to build an international database.
  17. Immediate health risk for US right now is low for now, but we could see human to human transmission here.
  18. 5 people in the USA confirmed and 97 being tested

International Health Regulations Emergency Committee Convenes Tomorrow

The IHREC convenes tomorrow to advise if the current outbreak constitutes a public health emergency of international concern.

The WHO is counting (and this is also changing as I write this):

6065 infections worldwide

5997 in China *Update* 7711 cases*

132 dead in China

68 confirmed in 15 countries, no deaths outside of China.  ALL cases have travel history to China or contact with someone who has traveled to China.

I will update tomorrow after the meeting.  -JAP-

**All of this information came from official press conferences by the CDC, WHO and the Chinese CDC**