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Ed Rath Reacts to Proposed NYS Budget

January 21, 2020

Plan woefully short on specified savings, fails to address bail reform

AMHERST – Erie County Legislator Ed Rath (R – Amherst), who is a candidate
for the New York State Senate in the 61 st District, issued the following reaction to
the budget proposed by Governor Andrew Cuomo this afternoon:
“Faced with a $6.5 billion budget gap, I was hoping the Governor would
outline some specifics on how he planned to address that shortfall, particularly as it
relates to Medicaid. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with the proposed budget the
people of New York State heard today. Medicaid accounts for two-thirds of the
projected budget shortfall, but the Governor was woefully short on specifics in how
he plans to generate the $2.5 billion in savings needed to offset Medicaid spending.
Similarly, and equally disappointing, the budget proposal fails to reform the
cash bail law. Instead, public safety and judicial discretion are being compromised,
and a misguided and dangerous policy remains in effect.”
“I was pleased to see a focus on education, and I hope that there is adequate
funding for our schools to meet their increased financial needs.”
“However, any measure to address and strengthen our state’s business
climate is mixed. On one hand, I was also pleased to see that middle class tax cuts
are expected to generate $4.7 million in savings, and that small corporate business
tax cuts will generate an estimated $35 million. This is the sort of approach we
need to help spur job creation and retention, so that companies and workers can
remain in our great Empire State, rather than continue to flee to other states.
Unfortunately, the budget proposal also includes $51 million in tax and fee

increases, which only serve to continue to shift the burden onto the backs of the
hardworking people of New York.”
“Overall, it seems that any attempt at a step forward in this budget is
coupled with two steps backward or deafening silence on how our elected leaders
plan to make New York stronger. The people of New York deserve more.”
The 61 st Senate District includes portions of Erie, Genesee, and Monroe
Rath has served in the Erie County Legislature since first winning election in
2007. His district includes Amherst, Clarence, Akron, and Newstead. In the
Legislature, he has been a fierce advocate for the reduction and reform of County
government to lower the property tax burden, including co-sponsoring the effort to
reduce the size of the Legislature from 15 to the current 11 seats. Throughout his
12 years in office, Rath has never voted in favor of a tax increase, and he voted
against Erie County’s 2020 spending plan, due to runaway spending increases and
public safety concerns.

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