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Working Families Party Endorses Nate McMurray for New York’s 27th Congressional District


Date: January 20, 2020

HAMBURG, N.Y. – The Working Families Party (WFP), a grassroots party representing the interests of hardworking, everyday Americans, has endorsed Nate McMurray in his bid for Congress in Western New York.

“We are endorsing Nate McMurray because he firmly stands with us on issues that matter to working class people in America today,” said WFP representative Louisa Pacheco. “Nate boldly supports protecting immigrants as a marginalized labor force, expanding healthcare for all, and building a country that is for everybody – not just the rich. We stand with him because he has an expansive and fresh vision for NY-27!”

“It’s an honor and a privilege to be endorsed for the second time by the Working Families Party,” said McMurray. “We will win the special election by engaging our strong grassroots partnerships across the region and beyond. The good people of WFP will be a critical part of this coalition, help us finish what we started in 2018, and once and for all restore the people’s voice in this office.”

The Working Families Party is a minor political party founded in 1998 that uses fusion voting to cross endorse candidates on other party lines. Recently, the WFP has garnered national attention with its interviews of the 2020 presidential candidates and endorsement of Elizabeth Warren in the Demoratic Primary.