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Sheriff Howard Endorses Jacobs for Congress

(Akron, N.Y.) – Standing in front of a gun show at the Newstead Volunteer Fire Company, Erie County Sheriff Timothy Howard publicly endorsed State Senator Chris Jacobs for New York’s 27th Congressional District.
“I am supporting Chris Jacobs for many reasons, but a major one is how I saw him perform when he was the newly elected County Clerk and the SAFE ACT was first passed,” said Howard. He continued “Chris stood up strong for the 2nd Amendment rights of our citizens under immense pressure from the Cuomo Administration. And when they illegally confiscated the firearms of an Amherst resident, Chris spoke the truth and called out what really happened,” said Howard.

Howard further explained, “Chris fought tirelessly as Clerk to defend the privacy rights of his pistol permit holders, denying demands from multiple groups to release the personal data of pistol permit holders -as some county clerks in other counties had done.” He added, “Another Clerk may have succumbed to the pressure, Chris did not.”
“In the Senate, Chris has fought against legislation that would infringe on 2nd Amendment rights, such as a Democratic proposal to prohibit gun raffles at volunteer fire companies. Chris understands this gun raffle legislation would be devastating to volunteer fire houses like the one we are at today, who depend on the significant money the raffles raise and it would also infringe on law abiding citizens’ ability to purchase affordable firearms for hunting and personal defense,” said Howard.
Howard also mentioned how much Chris did as Clerk for the Veterans in Erie County, starting the “Thank A Vet” program which signed up hundreds of area businesses to voluntarily offer discounts to veterans. Jacobs grew the Erie County “Thank a Vet” Program to be the largest of its kind in the state, saving over $1 million annually for county veterans.
“Just as Chris has been a loyal ally fighting alongside me as Sheriff, I can assure you Chris will fight just as hard alongside President Trump and all the great things he is doing for our country,” said Howard.
Jacobs stated, “Tim is a good friend, it has been an honor to work with him as County Clerk and now in the Senate, and I am deeply honored by his endorsement,” said Jacobs
The 27th Congressional District is currently vacant, due to the resignation of Chris Collins who pled guilty to insider trading charges. Governor Cuomo has stated he plans to call a Special Election to fill the seat on April 28th, the date of New York’s Presidential Primary election.
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