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Rain and Wind Details For Saturday-Sunday

Here is what to expect in the coming hours.  This is going to be a pretty big weather event.  There are alerts posted for flooding, wind and lake shore flooding as well.  Not to mention this thing could turn into an ice storm.

Wind is going to pick up at around 4:00 AM.  Gusts could reach up to 60 MPH.   Be prepared for power outages, downed trees etc.  If you encounter a downed power line, just assume it is LIVE, don’t go near it, and call the power company.  Your shallow rooted trees could also come down due to the ground being saturated and then high winds, so watch where you park your cars!

Here is a cool graphic from the NWS with who and where will be impacted by what.

Main points

Here is how much rain is forecast overnight:

Rain forecast

And Wind.  This storm is going to be no joke, weather will be updated as soon as new reports are avail.  Stay tuned!  -JAP-




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