Tom Golisano to Bring High Speed Internet to Buffalo Area

Yes, you read that right!  Tom Golisano, former owner of the Buffalo Sabres is planning on launching a high speed internet option for the Buffalo area.  The presser is tomorrow, where more information will be released.  In the meantime, here is a link about Greenlight Networks, the company that would bring it to us.

I went to the link and, of course, it “Isn’t avail in our area”, HOWEVER, they have started a section to check availability.  If enough people request it (and I don’t know what that number is), we can get in the running for great internet service out here…..Finally.

So, go to Greenlight Networks NOW, and sign up to get them out here.  They have been in Rochester area for quite a while and are faster than any other option!  Let’s get Newstead on the list!

Thanks to the Street Reporter who sent me the info 🙂


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    • First “Check for Availability” then when it says that it isn’t avail in our area, follow the instructions. We all have to put our names in, then when enough people sign up, they will come out here. Newstead area has it’s own little section that will come up