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Shopping for Peyton’s 5th Annual Toy Drive

Christmas Comes Early for Young Patients at Oishei Children’s Hospital Thanks to Local Kindergartner

Akron Elementary kindergarten student Peyton Cerasani has been collecting toys for children in the ICU at Oishei Children’s Hospital for five years now.  Peyton was a patient herself at 17 months old, when she was stricken with a colloid cyst in her brain.  After brain surgery,  and spending some time in the ICU she took notice that there were other children who weren’t as fortunate as her.  That is when she and her parents decided to bring some toys to the other kids.  With the help of the internet and social media they got 200 toys in donations the first year!


Now in year five, Peyton is up and over 1,000 toys so far.  She has another 100 toys from collecting at Akron Elementary and another $500 to spend.  On Thursday December 19, FOUR cars worth of toys will be loaded up and delivered to the children at Oishei Children’s hospital around 3:30 PM.  People in our town never cease to amaze me!