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And The Winners Are…..

First off, this was VERY hard to decide.  EVERYONE did an amazing job and put forth tremendous effort, so everyone deserves kudos!!

The Grim Reaper did actually make it out into this dark and stormy Halloween night to deliver trophies to the winners….In……The….Rain…….

The Winners:


This prize was awarded during the day and the folks who did the display were out delivering your mail, so pretend there is a picture here.

BEST HOUSE NEWSTEAD:  6599 Wollcottsville Rd

No one was home, so pretend there is a picture here. Someone please get in touch with me so I can get your trophy to you.

BEST HOUSE AKRON:    Ron & Charlene Pocobello of 40 Cedar St

What a terrific display of light. fog, music, and scary stuff (the dino costumes were great too!!!) GREAT effort, Congrats!


BEST IN SHOW:  23 Sheppard Ave. Adam, Brett and Ella Maloney

This house is AMAZING!  The (very wet) Grim Reaper hunted down Adam at a party up the road to give him his trophy.  This house was amazing.  It got extra “creep factor” points for the creepy doll, with the creepy red eyes on the rocking horse singing nursery rhymes. :::shudder:::  It was like being IN a Steven King Movie!  Excellent job and Congrats!


Honorable Mention to 175-177 Main St.

These two houses were also exceptional.

Thanks to EVERYONE who participated and made our town look fantastically spooky for the inaugural year of The Newsteader Awards!  Next year will be BIGGER and BETTER and SCARIER!!!