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Newsteader Halloween….A Few Pictures

We have a Creek called Murder.  We were a scary movie set for the filming of A Quiet Place 2 all Summer, and now we are a Halloween Town!  It’s perfect!  Watching the decorations go up all month has been great fun.  They got more and more intricate by the day!  I drove around today and got some pictures with the intention of posting them all here…..Until, we drove around this evening (apparently everyone in town was doing the same thing as we noticed people following us around LOL).  Everything looks completely different in the dark, and is also difficult to photograph in the dark.  The houses just look SO GREAT, if you haven’t been out to see them after dark, it is highly recommended!

Who knew we had so many creative, and FUN people in town?  There was light shows and smoke machines everywhere!

I am posting a few daytime “highlights” from some of the displays, but you all really need to just get out and see for yourself.  People really put in a LOT of effort, and it shows!

At first we said “How are we going to decide this because everything looks terrific, and everyone did such a great job!” then, after driving around, there are clear winners.

Trophies will be awarded Halloween Evening (of course there is a wind storm that night btw)

Here are some pics from around town, and again……Heat up some cider, go for a ride and check all these places out after dark, it’s amazing!  EVERYONE gets props for effort!!!  -JAP-



Here are all the addresses:

40 Cedar St, 40 Marshall Ave, 177 Main St, 63 Cedar St, 23 Sheppard Ave, 72 Bloomingdale, 4 Townsend St, 6599 Wollcottsville Rd, 20 Hoag Ave, 175 Main St, 52 Brooklyn, 5792 Buell St.


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