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Early Voting in Erie County Starts Tomorrow & Sample Ballot

Polling places will be open from Noon to 6:00 PM on Saturdays/Sundays and Noon to 9:00 PM on weekdays. A few other changes:  Any voters in Erie and Niagara Counties can go to ANY polling place in their county to vote during early voting.  This time around voters will “sign in” via iPads instead of the paper books (Is this a good thing?).  The iPads will automatically update all records throughout the County that the person has already voted in real time.  This is supposed to stop people from voting twice. Editors Note: All computers can be hacked.  Is this really a good idea? What if the network goes down with all the shoddy internet service around here and people’s votes don’t get counted?      –JAP-

The list of polling places can be found HERE……..Here is a sample of your Fall Election 2019 Ballot


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  1. IMO, the editor’s note is not so much a note as it is commentary. If you were to ask yourself: ‘does this add additional information or context to this article?’ I think that the answer is no.