Ask Maestro JoAnn Falletta

I am a big supporter of the arts.  I am a musician that plays in a working band.  Music has been one of the biggest influences throughout my whole life.

We have our wonderful Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra (BPO) here led for the past 20 years by Maestro JoAnn Falletta.  As a matter of fact, this year marks her 20th year here.  Maestro Falletta’s Bio is very long.  Her accomplishments are incredible, including bringing home Grammy’s, and would take many paragraphs to write. Her people do it much better than me, so here is a link to JoAnn’s biography.


I was lucky enough to get an interview time to sit and chat with her on in mid October (!!) .

I would like to get a question from an Akron music student to ask her, and I will ask her and (with luck) get a video answer for such student. #braggingrights

Here’s how it works:

1. Must be a music student at Akron.  Make sure to include your instrument, which band(s) you are in, and what grade you are in.

2. One question only per email

3. Send your question by Friday, October 11 to with BPO in          the subject line.

4.  The winning question will be asked at the interview and published on The                 Newsteader (hopefully with a video answer)