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I Heard it Through The Grapevine-Gossip

People tell me everything now so here is some cool stuff:

The Akron Business District is a changing 


At the corner of Rt 5 and 93, you have noticed all those trees being cleared.  They are being cleared for a 23,000 sf fresh produce/grocery store with an on site butcher!  They are slated to be open by 2021.  The Newsteader™ will be following this!

New Promotional products place moving into the old Mary’s

Yogi’s is moving to the old Akron House

Missy’s BBQ place is going to be here (waiting on more info about that)

and a little birdie told me a super delicious BAKE SHOP is also in the works!

Our Main Street is changing, our town is changing.  It’s all so exciting and terrific!



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  1. Keeping us updated with the news of Akron is an awesome thing ! Thanks to Jules and the Newsteader! You Rock!