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*New & Improved SCAM Making the Rounds*

So this happened to my Mom’s friend this AM:

A call came in at aprox 8:30 AM.  The phone rang, and the caller ID said “Private Caller”.  One of her friends has a blocked ID and comes up this way, so she answered it.  It went something like this:

Caller:  Good morning is this (enter name here)

Victim: Yes

Caller: Are You related to (name)?

Victim: Yes, he is my son. (Getting alarmed now)

Caller: I am (insert name here) from (insert law agency here) and I am sorry to tell you that your son was involved in an accident.  A car ran a light and he hit them.  He is OK, but the person in the other car has died.  We have your son in custody, and are going to transfer you to a public defender.   ——-call gets disconnected——

In the meantime, while her blood pressure went up, she called her son, and he was home in bed.


This happened in Clarence. The scary thing is that whoever this was knew NAMES and relationships!

Be sure to warn your PARENTS and friends!!  Maybe even have a “code word” with your loved ones that only you and they know.  Certainly they were going to be looking to get $$ somehow.  🙄🙄  -JAP-